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Move over games, new Xbox One focuses on the big screen

Microsoft’s new Xbox One is billed as a gaming console. But the ability to play games seems incidental to many of the features – and hoopla – about the new device.

If you watched the unveiling closely on Tuesday, the tech company was keen to tout how well the Xbox One will work with your TV in the living room – whether you’re watching live sports or the latest episode of Mad Men.

Gamers, meanwhile, seem a little disappointed about some features.

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Next Xbox won't let you play used games?

If you enjoy playing used or borrowed games on your gaming console – such as the Xbox 360 – prepare to pay all the time.

According to a gaming website, Microsoft's next iteration of the Xbox won't let you play borrowed or second-hand games.

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Could Smartglass, XBox Music regain ground for Microsoft?

Could Microsoft finally be getting it right? The company has been against the ropes for some time in consumer-focused areas such as music and mobile, but the stars seem to be aligning this fall. Blogs and news services are alight this week with the discussion of Windows 8, which is already shipping in some parts of the world. I'm more interested in what's happening in the living room – and of course, the two are related.

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Will Microsoft Surface rule the living room?

Microsoft is late to the party with its new tablet device. Can it trounce the iPad?

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EA provokes groans with Battlefield paid content

Bf3You never want to incite grumbling at your press conference, but that’s what Electronic Arts – the world’s biggest game maker – did Monday in Los Angeles by announcing details to Battlefield Premium, a new paid tier to its popular military shooter.

Many audience members audibly groaned as EA outlined the $49.95-a-year-plan, which will provide access to five expansion packs over the next nine months. The service will include new multiplayer maps, weapons and vehicles, with the Battlefield franchise’s motto now appearing to be “own more.”

The groans are coming, no doubt, from a growing fatigue with game makers trying to extract more money from gamers in the form of online access and additional downloads. Not only do gamers have to spend $60 to $70 on the game, they also have to pay for an annual Xbox Live membership if they play on the Xbox 360. Now, to get the full online Battlefield experience, they’ll have to drop another $50.

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Live: Microsoft's Xbox media briefing from E3

Join us for live coverage from the E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles as Microsoft gives us a sneak preview of what's coming to the Xbox 360 this year. And don't forget to share your thoughts in the comments below.

UPDATE: The event is over so we've removed the video feed. If you missed the live coverage you can scroll through the ScribbleLive archive below, and check out the full wrapup from Peter Nowack, who was in the audience.




What’s next for the Xbox 360?

Xbox 360 consoles around the world are longing for a major software update. It’s not like there’s anything wrong with them – many are being put through their paces like a toaster every morning.

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