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Nokia back in the groove again with Lumia 900 smartphone

20120410_C4102_PHOTO_EN_12064Down but not out, Nokia is back with a serious contender in the smartphone world, the Lumia 900. But does the cellphone giant still know what it takes to make a solid handset?

The Lumia 900 appears to be the Mercedes-Benz of Window Phone 7 units. Its black unibody design doesn’t just look like no other handset out there, but it feels tank-tough.

Its symmetric body is gorgeous and stands out from the crowd. It also feels solid and durable - I’m almost tempted to drop this thing on concrete to see how little damage it would suffer.

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iPhone’s Siri says the best smartphone ever is a Nokia

PhotoThe digital personal assistant installed on Apple’s popular smartphone offers a surprising response when you ask it to find the “best smartphone ever.”

When asked the question, it seems Siri runs a web search to find the phone with the highest reviews and best features.

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Smartphones outnumber feature phones in Canada: study

For the first time ever, more Canadians are using a smartphone than a feature phone last year, a new study suggests.

According to IDC Canada, there were more smartphones shipped to consumers and in the “installed base” than ever before in 2011 – a trend unlikely to slow anytime soon.

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Review: Nokia Lumia 710 offers slick entry to Windows Phone 7

Canada’s first Nokia-powered Windows Phone handset has landed on our shores in the form of the Lumia 710.

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Lenovo prepping Windows 8 tablet: reports

When Windows 8 finally launches – most likely later this year – it may be immediately available on more than just traditional laptops and desktops.

Reports suggest Lenovo is going to have a tablet running Microsoft’s next major operating system at the time of the OS’s release.

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New GPS system could help you avoid ‘ghettos’

Have you ever followed GPS driving directions, only to end up in a shady area of town?  Sure, it may have been the shortest route, but perhaps not one you would take again.

Well, Microsoft is working to create a GPS system that would avoid dangerous areas of a city, or places with bad weather.

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Windows Phone ‘Mango’ update being rolled out in Canada

 If you’ve been waiting for a major update to Windows Phone 7 – the latest variety is now being rolled out in Canada (and the rest of the world), according to Microsoft.

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Take a sneak peak as Microsoft previews Windows 8

Screenshot_startScreen_page Microsoft has pulled the wraps off its next-generation operating system that is designed to be tablet-friendly – and ready to stem the tide of users ditching desktops for tablets.

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Windows Phone Marketplace hits 25,000 apps

Windows Phone 7 is one of the newest entrants to the smartphone world, having launched just late last year. Now, a fresh report suggests the platform has hit an app milestone.

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What is Facebook's 'awesome' new feature?

The web is abuzz with news about a looming announcement from Facebook about an "awesome" new feature.

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Danny BradburyDanny Bradbury

Danny Bradbury is a technology journalist with 20 years' experience. He writes regularly for publications including the Guardian, the Financial Times, the Financial Post, and Backbone magazine. Danny also writes and directs documentaries.

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