11/27/2012 releases 2012 search results: Honey Boo Boo tells Justin Bieber to “call her maybe”

According to searches, 2012 was a year of celebrity fascination, baby fever and heartbreak. Last year Canadians were “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” putting Kim Kardashian one up on homegrown sensation Justin Bieber. In 2012 Bieber came out on top, securing the most-searched celebrity spot. From the celebrity grind, to scandals and one hit wonders, Bing captured 2012 through the searches that mark the year’s most fascinating people, sensations and moments in time. 

To coincide with the release of  U.S. search results for, here are top search results for based on Canadian queries. The results detail Canada’s top 10 most searched people, celebrity couples, viral videos and consumer electronics. 

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Website lets you (try) to balance a provincial budget

During these challenging economic times, several governments are running deficits, slashing spending or doing both in order to balance the books.

While some governments will do what they think is best, one administration is putting the question to you, the people.

The government of British Columbia has created a website where users can attempt to balance the province’s books, cutting back spending in certain areas or increasing tax rates on various activities, while seeing the impact of cutbacks and tax hikes.

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‘Identified’ reveals your worth to an employer using Facebook

Identified_screenshotThose Facebook posts, friends and other personal bits of information you enter into your profiles could be used by a new service to help calculate what you’re worth to an employer.

And it can also help them scout – or leave – you out.

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What's the safest web browser?

Se_malware.jpg When it comes to certain types of threats online, what's the safest web browser? Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari?

Turns out the answer is...Internet Explorer.

In a study, Internet Explorer 9 defended against 99 per cent of malware threats while Internet Explorer 8 blocked about 90 per cent. 

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Montreal man to tattoo 100,000 websites onto his back

Last week I wrote about stars leaving their digital lives behind for charity. This time, there's someone who wants to permanently change their life for a good cause. 

Patrick Vaillancourt, 29, is vying to become the man with the most web addresses tattoed to his back in an effort to raise money for charity as part of his Back2TheLight initiative.

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Celebrities silent their status updates for charity - success or failure?

Kim-kardashian Wednesday Dec. 1 was World Aids Day, a time to draw awareness to millions of people who are affected by HIV/AIDS in India and Africa. Infection is rampant, and sadly, the future for many there is bleak.

It’s a worthy cause that has had no shortage of Hollywood celebrities - from Kim Kardashian to Usher - coming on board to help. How are their efforts going?

Keep a Child Alive decided to start a campaign called Digital Death to raise money for HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment in Africa and India.

Essentially, a handful of stars said they would die a digital death on the web - and it would be up to their fans to buy their lives back - and hopefully the lives of those in India and Africa.

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Chatroulette, for professional purposes

Network_roulette If the idea of hopping on the random video chat website Chatroulette at work freaks you out, it should. Yeah, you could be paired up with someone really neat and interesting, but there’s also a chance you’ll start having a live chat with someone a little creepy showing some nudity. Probably male nudity, to be honest.

Now think about networking events: They exist when there are a lot of people who are in a concentrated area with the purpose of meeting and talking to other people for business purposes.

Take the two concepts, mix them together and you get Brazen Careerist`s Network Roulette, a networking site like Chatroulette where you randomly chat with someone in your field.

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Toronto’s next mayor: Rob Ford? Web stats say so

Voters will go to the polls on Monday to elect Toronto’s next mayor and two candidates are in a dead heat leading up to D-Day. But what if Toronto’s next mayor was picked based on their online popularity?

Rob Ford would win.

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Feuding neighbour takes battle to the blogosphere

Sometimes, not all neighbours get along. There'll be disagreements over the choice of colour used to paint the outside of homes. Other times, one resident will be irked by the loud, barking dog next door. 

And when it's a major overhaul, such as a plan to level a century home and start anew, expect to hear some opposition. Sadly, it can go too far and get dirty on the web as it did in this heart-wrenching story.

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Blogger’s home raided in next-gen iPhone probe, gear seized

The leaked next-gen iPhone may end up costing Gizmodo a whole lot more than the $5,000 they reportedly paid for the lost device.

Reports emerged Monday afternoon that the home of Gizmodo editor Jason Chen was raided by police last Friday and authorities seized computers and other tech goodies as part of their iPhone prototype investigation.

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