Hotels using your social media information to customize visits

The next time you check into a hotel, look to see if there's a family photo on the night table. Or maybe there will be baseball cap with your favourite team waiting on the bed.

In some ways, it might seem creepy. But these are just some of the ways high-end hotels are going the extra mile to tailor their service to your stays.

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New suitcase with tracking system promises to never get lost

Top-392x279-biTravelling by plane is already stressful: You have to check in hours before the flight, security will probably leave you feeling violated, and bad weather can push back your departure time.

Oh - and your baggage could quite possibly get lost. Apparently 11 bags for every 1,000 passengers go missing, every day. 

To combat this, a group of European companies are coming out with a "smart" suitcase that can be tracked by the owner using their iPhone.

Bag2Go is a suitcase system that uses GPS tracking and other features to make sure you never lose a suitcase - and should you lose it, they can locate the baggage and deliver it to you before it's time to fly back.

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New in-flight entertainment feature could let you flirt with other passengers

A new feature available to travellers on Virgin America flights could let them flirt with their flight mates.

So, if you want to send a drink over to the girl in seat 24 B, no problem. Just order it up on the in-seat entertainment system.

Likewise, you can send messages to the cute guy in 16 D using the chat system...all at 30,000 feet above ground.

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FAA to review in-flight gadget use

The U.S. authority that regulates all aspects of air travel is going to re-examine the use of tech gadgets aboard commercial aircraft.

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Bowers & Wilkins P3 headphones offer great sound with a vintage feel

P3_image_03In the last few years the mobile headphone market has seen a rise in the development of higher performance headphones. People have begun looking beyond out-of-the-box earphones that accompany their mobile devices for better quality equipment.   The P3 by Bowers & Wilkins are a new addition -- the third design by B&W -- that are offered around the $200.00 price range.
The most notable feature about B&W`s P3 lies in its design. A sleek and elegant look with a vintage feel, the P3 headphones have a less obnoxious appearance when compared to other headphones such as Beats by Dr. Dre.   The headband is a combination of light-weight aluminum, flexible rubber, and fabric that provides right level of durability and comfort. The ear-pads are designed with heat sensitive memory-foam that is fitted tightly with a custom-made acoustic fabric. While the ear-pads feel cozy on the ear, their snug fit can cause your ears to warm and moisten when listening for lengthy periods.

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Man shows passport image on iPad, gets into the U.S.

These days, requiring a passport or Nexus card to get into the U.S. is as certain as death – there’s pretty much no way to avoid it. But you can narrowly escape it, rarely.

That stroke of luck appears to be exactly what happened to a Quebec man who got through a Canada/U.S. border crossing by using a scanned image of his passport, shown on his iPad.

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Evoke Flow a sound choice in internet radio players

Internet radio is an easy sell for people tired of local radio options and unwilling to fork out for Sirius/XM. All it requires is a computer and an internet connection - and you're good to go.Evoke-flow

As this genre has evolved, people have grown weary of the limitations of a stationary desktop and the inconvenience of a power-draining laptop. As a result, demand for simple internet radio players has grown.

The latest in a range of products that has already brought us the Logitech Squeezebox and the Apple iPod Touch is the Evoke Flow.

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How Canadians can get the best Black Friday deals

EE8D3019CA5E3FD5AC5C12B2A6AFE0 The Canadian dollar might be hovering just around parity with the American greenback, but that doesn’t mean things cost the same on both sides of the border.

Several items are often much cheaper in the States for reasons I’m not well-versed to explain, but it’s disappointing for us Canucks – if you don’t use online shopping to your advantage.

Just in time for Black Friday, it’s worth drawing attention to Bing’s Cross Border Shopping tool. It offers a quick and easy way to comparison shop between items sold in Canada and the United States, factoring in everything from exchange rates to shipping and import fees.

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Did a time traveler make it back to 1928?

So, is time travel real? That's the question now being raised thanks to the latest video to go viral, which purports to show someone using a cellphone–in 1928.

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Walker lawsuit shows that relying on computers is fine...up to a point

If your computer told you to drive off a cliff, would you do it? How about if it told you to walk down an unpaved highway with cars whizzing past you? Because that, apparently, is the course of action that Lauren Rosenberg decided upon, after being instructed by Google Maps.

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