OLED TVs – the future centrepiece of your living room

CURVE_OLED TVPlasman, LCD, LED ... and now OLED. Get used to the acronym folks, because the display technology is here and it's here to stay.

OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode. It's a screen technology that essentially produces images using a thin layer of semiconductors.

But unlike LED TVs, there is no backlight with an OLED. There is just a rail-thin film that displays beautiful images with deeper blacks and higher contrast ratios.

This week I had a chance to check out the first curved OLED TV for sale in Canada from LG. That's right, the TV is somewhat concave, much like the screen at your local Cineplex movie theatre.

To be honest, a curved TV like this one is best viewed straight-on.

Sure, you could watch something from the edges just as you can peer over someone's shoulder in line to read the newspaper they're holding, but a curved set isn't conducive to that – especially for long periods of time.

It's not cheap – the 55-inch unit is sold at Future Shop and Best Buy for $10,999. That's more than my car is worth.

But some might argue that it's totally worth it.

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Dr. Phil tweets brash question about date rape, deletes it

Dr_phil_teen_rape_drunk_tweetTelevision’s most popular doctor became a trending topic on Twitter for a ludicrous and senseless tweet that has since been deleted.

The psychologist tweeted this on Tuesday afternoon: “If a girl is drunk, is it OK to have sex with her? Reply yes or no to @drphil #teensaccused.”

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Will Google’s Chromecast spark cord cutting in Canada?

In among the various reviews of Google's new Chromecast device, most people missed one important fact: you can't actually buy or use it here. At least, not without some annoying workarounds. 

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Is 3D TV dead? ESPN nixes 3D channel

I've been invited to check out lots of new 3D TVs by the companies that make them. Sony, Samsung, LG, Sharp...the list goes on - they all have great TV sets out there.

Each company's top-of-the-line device is packed with as many features as a real estate agent lists off on a home description.

From web connectivity to adaptive contrast, from simulated surround sound to a gazillion HDMI 3D video - they're all stacked.

Once I saw soccer on a Sony TV in 3D, and I thought: 'Man, I need to buy one of these for my home. It looks like Messi is in my living room.'

But I didn't shell out the few thousand dollars. Because other than during the World Cup, and other than with that particular game shot in 3D, there wasn't really anything else to watch in 3D other than the odd Hollywood blockbuster.

So it wasn't really surprise when ESPN announced this week that it will stop broadcasting in 3D.

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Eve Online TV series to feature your stories

Fancy being famous for 30 minutes? Well, if you play online space game Eve Online, now's your chance. The Icelandic company that bought us the Eve massively multiplayer game is about to make a TV series based on things that have happened to players in the make-believe intergalactic world.

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Montana remains zombie-free in spite of hacker warning

Apparently the zombie apocalypse is actually here - at least, according to one Montana TV network that displayed an emergency warning this week.

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Could Smartglass, XBox Music regain ground for Microsoft?

Could Microsoft finally be getting it right? The company has been against the ropes for some time in consumer-focused areas such as music and mobile, but the stars seem to be aligning this fall. Blogs and news services are alight this week with the discussion of Windows 8, which is already shipping in some parts of the world. I'm more interested in what's happening in the living room – and of course, the two are related.

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Search three years of TV news to find out what politicians really said

This is one for your browser bookmarks. The Internet Archive - which was already way cool - just got cooler, with the introduction of a searchable TV news broadcast service. 

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Review: Sony Internet Player with Google TV a welcome addition to the living room

Google_sony_tvFor years we’ve heard how the Internet is going to revolutionize TV, and we’ll be able to watch web content straight on our TV without any fuss.

That,for the most part, has been false. Getting the Internet to look and work well on a gigantic screen has been a challenge, one that perhaps Apple hasn’t yet mastered.

So it was with cautious optimism that I fired up Sony’s new Internet player powered by Google TV, technically known as the NSZ-GS7.

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Who cares about a la carte TV now?

The CRTC has just agreed rules that will give Canadian TV viewers more freedom to choose the channels they want to pay for - but will it be enough to stop people migrating away from TV to Internet-based viewing?

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