Cocoon-like home offers alternative to high rent

Cocoon_houseCondominiums in major cities are getting smaller and smaller. Homes in downtown Toronto and Vancouver are as expensive as a luxury villa in Italy. And as we all know from his viral video – the rent is too damn high.

One solution could be the Cocoon. This is a slim, space-saving living space created by Tanya Shukstelinsky, a student at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem.

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Review: ioSafe Solo G3 is a data tank

Slideshow_solo-g3_1Most people don't back up their files, and if they do, it's to a dinky USB stick that could, at most, survive cycle through the wash.


Or perhaps your priceless pictures and meticulously curated music collection is at the whim of an external hard drive, which would be toast in the event of a flood or fire.


Worried? If your stuff is that important to you, that you would freak out if a spring melt or forest fire wiped out your home, than a disaster-proof hard drive is the solution.


Meet the Solo G3 from ioSafe, a shelter for your stuff.


Nobody needs one of these to shuttle between the office and home, or the studio and your couch. This thing weighs a cinderblock-heavy 15 lbs., so it's safe to say it won't be going anywhere, quickly.


The unit has a locking mechanism too, so you can prevent this unit from falling victim to thieves. But the bad guys are you this drive's smallest woes.


The G3 is built to withstand practically whatever mother nature or the devil throws at it. The drive inside, not the unit itself.


Inside is a power adapter and a fanless interface, so don't think you could dunk one of these in water without having to strip it down to the hard drive to recover your data. But if, for some reason, a pipe bursts at home, this thing can survive 10 feet deep in water for up to three days in fresh or salt water.


Even after going for a swim, this thing didn't stop. 


Then there's the device's fire-proof rating. It can stand about half an hour while in the midst 1550 Farenheit for half an hour. Due to a fire ban in my region, I couldn't put this to the test. But check out this YouTube video of a similar backup drive if you don't believe ioSafe's claim.


Data is sent to and from the G3 quite quickly, even faster than some of the other, simpler external USB hard disks I've sampled using my computer's USB 2.0 interface. Then again, the G3 also supports USB 3.0 for even faster data transfer rates.


My only complaint is this thing's size, which means it'll take up a substantial footprint in your bedroom or office. But then again, you're not using this thing on a daily basis, are you? 
Cost: From $299 available here.


- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets


Gift picks for Father’s Day

Looking for a gift for dad this Father's Day? Here are a couple of options.

Edifier Luna 5 Encore iPod dock

This speaker system is easily one of the most stylish audio docks for dad.

With a dock that accepts iPhones and iPods, the device also comes with an aux in cable for playing tunes from non-Apple devices, and an FM radio with several slots for presets.

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Prepare to pay more for technology this holiday season

Santa Claus will be paying a little extra this year for parts used in his workshop due to devastating flooding in Thailand that is driving up the price for gadgets.

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How the ripples from the Thai flood affect Western technology options

Over 300 people dead, millions of lives affected, more than $5bn in damage, and 14,000 factories shut down as industrial estates drown under three meters of water. The floods in Thailand have been called the worst ever, and their effects are being felt as far away as North America, in the supply chain. 

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Google launches music service, without the backing of record labels

Google_music Google has beat Apple to the realm of cloud music – a service where your tunes are available to stream from the web wherever you go. But in doing so, Google has launched its music service with a bit of controversy.

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Back up your data for World Backup Day

Have you backed up your data lately? If not, and you have any important information languishing on your hard drive, today might be the day. March 31 is World Backup Day, and a bunch of people who are worried about your data are urging you to make the effort.

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Video recovered from stolen laptop shows thief dancing like a fool

If you're thinking of stealing a laptop, don't. But if you really must do it, here is a way to make yourself look like even more of a fool than just a ridiculous thief.

A video is going viral of a laptop thief who made a recording of himself doing a ridiculous dance in front of the stolen computer.

How did the video get posted if the laptop was nicked?

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What happens if Flickr fails?

Should Flickr users be worried? Hundreds of thousands of people use the photo-sharing service to store and share their pictures, but some are worried that its future may be in jeopardy.

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Free Friday: doubleTwist to sync your iTunes music with other phones

While Apple’s iTunes is one of the most popular music players on Windows and Mac computers, it has one problem – you can only synchronize its music library with iPods and other Apple devices.

DoubleTwist, however, is a free program that lets you sync your iTunes collection with non-Apple gadgets for free.

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Danny BradburyDanny Bradbury

Danny Bradbury is a technology journalist with 20 years' experience. He writes regularly for publications including the Guardian, the Financial Times, the Financial Post, and Backbone magazine. Danny also writes and directs documentaries.

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