Nike celebrates 30 years of Air Pegasus with a brisk Toronto run

NikeStanding among dozens of runners assembled Wednesday evening
at Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto to mark 30 years of the Nike Air Pegasus,
I couldn’t help but reflect on my very first pair of the iconic runners.

Has it really been that long?

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My adventure in barefoot running

I've been running long enough that shoe choice is hardly a consideration. Asics. Something in the 1100 series. I make the trek to the shoe store, locate my size, pay the cashier and I'm on my merry way. It's the easiest transaction either of us will have all day.

So why would I want to climb aboard the barefoot running bandwagon?

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Man posting to Facebook hit by baseball at game, video goes viral

A man attending a San Diego Padres baseball game is getting a lot of attention after he paid too little attention to the event he was actually supposed to watch.

Travis Decker was sitting in the stands as the Padres played the Cincinnati Reds, all while he was posting something to Facebook on his smartphone. Ultimately, he should have saved the status update for the end of the inning.

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Apps for the Super Bowl

Super_bowl_appsYour invites have been sent and the beer bought, but don’t forget to load up your smartphone with all the right apps for the big day.

Official Super Bowl XLVI Commemorative App

Get all the stats you’ll need in the build-up to the great game with this magazine-like app, available at a discount right now before the main event.

It includes enough details on each team’s journey to the championship match to impress and out-smart all your friends Super Bowl Sunday.

There are also handy stats-based graphics to help you easily decipher the differences between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots – easy to use especially after a few beers.

The Chili Chef

Chili and the Super Bowl goes together like peanut butter and jelly, so it’s only fitting that there’s an iOS app to help you cook up the best meal.

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NHL ’12 game now has female players

For years users have been able to customize the players on popular sports video games. But it was only possible to customize the virtual players as male characters, not as women.

That has now changed, however, thanks to the efforts of a young girl.

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Competitive Tweeting on the Olympic stage?

Twitter_olympic_competition While some people are addicted to having more Twitter followers than anyone else, an Olympic competition is taking social media supremacy to the worldwide stage.

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EA Sports predicts Vancouver will win Stanley Cup

Canucksceleb2 The EA Sports NHL ’11 Simulation Engine is predicting that the Vancouver Canucks will win the 2011 Stanley Cup Final – and given the game's record, Boston fans may want to be a little worried.

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Sport star's secret sex scandal breaks out on Twitter

A certain soccer star's attempt to keep his name - and alleged affair with Imogen Thomas a secret - has exploded on Twitter. 

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Sites to watch Super Bowl ads - old and new - online

Ah, the Super Bowl. It's a chance to watch the two greatest teams in the National Football League square off for supremacy. But when the athletes aren't tackling each other or planning their plays, commercials take centre stage.

Super Bowl ads have become must-see sensations, with advertisers paying up to $3 million a spot. But here in Canada, it's highly unlikedly that we'll see the same famous ads our American counterparts will at the same time.

But if you have to watch the advertising blockbusters as soon as they come out, there's a site to feed your fix.

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CES: Will runners embrace Nike + SportWatch GPS?

Nike_Sportwatch Shoe giant Nike has had a remarkable run with the Nike + iPod product line – and they’ve upped the ante with the debut of the Nike + SportWatch GPS at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show here in Las Vegas.

Launched in 2006 in conjunction with its website, it was one of the first products to realize the potential of iPod peripherals, allowing runners to track pace, time and distance all while enjoying music on their iPod devices.

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