More than half a million Macs infected with virus

So much for being free of viruses – an Internet security company says more than 500,000 Mac computers are infected with a virus.

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Photoshop CS6 available for free

Photoshopcs6No, this is not a scam. Adobe Photoshop CS6 is free.

For now, at least.

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'Real Steel' release hints at the future of DVD extras

Real-steelMovie audiences who fell in love with the spectacle of Hugh Jackman's 'Real Steel' will love what Disney's done with the Blu-ray release that hits shelves this Tuesday (January 24).

Not content with a standard release, the studio is bringing a 'second screen' to viewers' iPads and PC devices. This 'app' enables viewers to interact with the Blu-ray extras as the movie plays.

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Are Internet Explorer browsers less intelligent?

Ouch - this will not come as good news for Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser team. A report from a Vancouver-based psychometric testing company says that IE browser users are a little more intellectually challenged than users of other browsers.

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Evoke Flow a sound choice in internet radio players

Internet radio is an easy sell for people tired of local radio options and unwilling to fork out for Sirius/XM. All it requires is a computer and an internet connection - and you're good to go.Evoke-flow

As this genre has evolved, people have grown weary of the limitations of a stationary desktop and the inconvenience of a power-draining laptop. As a result, demand for simple internet radio players has grown.

The latest in a range of products that has already brought us the Logitech Squeezebox and the Apple iPod Touch is the Evoke Flow.

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Opera browser team upset over last Oprah episode

Fans of the Oprah Winfrey show were shedding tears this week after the show’s last episode went to air. But the folks over at Opera were also in mourning – their stream of amusing emails may end. 

It appears that some fans of Oprah Winfrey confused Oprah with Opera, a free web browser with a similar name.

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Macs hit with malware

It used to be that Mac users would laugh in the face of their Windows counterparts, claiming their computers were more secure. Well, they shouldn't feel so safe. 

Security experts are warning Apple computer users to be vigilant - and perhaps download some security software - as the Mac operating system comes under attack.

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Osama bin Virus? Experts warn of new computer security threats

First it was the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, now it's a dead terrorist.

Security experts are warning computer users to be extra careful when dealing with content related to the world's most infamous terrorist, Osama bin Laden.

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Biggest release of Windows updates coming Tuesday

Microsoft does this thing called Patch Tuesday to fix flaws with its software – and next week we can expect the biggest Patch Tuesday of all time.

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Video recovered from stolen laptop shows thief dancing like a fool

If you're thinking of stealing a laptop, don't. But if you really must do it, here is a way to make yourself look like even more of a fool than just a ridiculous thief.

A video is going viral of a laptop thief who made a recording of himself doing a ridiculous dance in front of the stolen computer.

How did the video get posted if the laptop was nicked?

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