Should you get the new BlackBerry Z10?

Photo (1)With the official launch of RIM, er, BlackBerry's new operating system, many people have been wondering whether they should get a phone running the new BB10 operating system.

The answer is yes. And no.

There's a lot to consider and the answer isn't a black and white one. But this should help you make a decision.

But first, know this: Forget about the Q10. The keyboard/touchscreen hybrid phone won't be available for at least a couple months, and really – you're short changing yourself with a small screen. There's a reason iPhones and Galaxy SIIIs sell like hotcakes, and it's not because either phone has a physical keypad.

Should you upgrade if...?

You have a BlackBerry phone sold before Feb. 5:

Yes. Stop reading this and place your order right now. Pay whatever the penalty is to get out of your contract and upgrade your device.

If your BlackBerry is anything but the new phone running BB10, and you like your BBM and handheld device security, then yes of course, you should definitely upgrade to the Z10.

There's a good chance you might not even think the BlackBerry World ecosystem is limited with more than 70,000 apps – more than any other mobile operating system at launch.

You probably don't really care about app selection either if you're still using a BlackBerry Bold, so it's not like you'll think the new BB10 app selection is small.

Sure, using a large 4.2-inch might seem overwhelming. But then again, the internal combustion engine was a significant upgrade from the horse-drawn carriage.

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A BlackBerry addict's review of a Windows phone

By Emma Waverman

The satisfying click when my thumbs hits the buttons gives me an endorphin rush each and every time. My name is Emma and I am a keyboard addict.

We’ve been enmeshed for almost a decade. There was a time that I couldn’t imagine living without my BlackBerry, but lately I have been missing out on some of the fun extras of the newer smartphones — like a good camera. So when Microsoft gave me an opportunity to try out the Nokia Lumia Windows 8 phone for a month, I eagerly, cautiously said yes.

I am a fairly average phone user — I use it for searching, email, Twitter and as an actual phone (yes, I’m a “voice’ dinosaur) as well as for kid distraction purposes.

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Preview: BlackBerry 10 helps RIM get up to speed, but is that enough?

BB10Research in Motion’s new operating system, BlackBerry 10, offers vast improvements from the company’s previous mobile phone OS. While BB10 gets RIM up to speed with the competition, is it enough to make a splash?

I recently had a chance to spend almost an hour with a prototype touchscreen-only handset: Dev Alpha B. The RIM spokespeople were quite clear that this is still a non-production model I was previewing, and that there would be improvements before the Jan. 30 launch.

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RIM execs sing love song as company tries to stay afloat

 As RIM went to show developers its forthcoming operating system, BlackBerry 10, it released a music video of executives pleading for patience.

The love song, performed by the three top honchos, is called “Devs, BlackBerry is going to keep on loving you.” It’s somewhat of a throwback to the 1981 song “Keep on Loving You” by Speedwagon.

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Apple leads smartphone growth, Android draws 1st-timers

New statistics suggest Apple’s iPhones are the top-selling smartphones in the U.S., but more first-time smartphone buyers are opting for an Android device.

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Who died to get you your smartphone?

Are you sure you know where all the stuff inside that new toy in your stocking comes from? People understand the concept of blood diamonds, but what about blood gold, tin and tungsten? If human activist groups are right, people are dying so that we can enjoy our smartphones and tablet computers.

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Drunk employees and poor results – a bad week for RIM

The picture for RIM got a lot bleaker this week after the company released dismal sales figures, and two employees were fined for having too much fun on a transatlantic flight.

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Android makes huge gains in Canada, but beware security risks

Google’s mobile operating system Android has grabbed a huge chunk of the Canadian smartphone share, but the news comes as fresh (and serious) security concerns surface.

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Time to ditch your BlackBerry after the service problems?

If you’re a BlackBerry user, you’re probably slightly irked over the fact that their service has been disrupted over the last few days. Perhaps you’re wondering – is it time to replace my BlackBerry?

Many are asking themselves that question as a result of this hiccup from RIM.

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Users picking Android, iPhone over RIM’s BlackBerry

There were rumours that Research in Motion was throwing in the towel on its tablet computer, the PlayBook. Even worse - there are recent facts, however, suggesting consumers are throwing in the towel on RIM’s BlackBerry smartphones.

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