Looking for love? Get an iPhone

First_Dates_Across_AmericaA new survey suggests iPhone users land more first dates than people with other types of smartphones.

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Couple finds love over Instagram (with a Canadian connection)

Robin_matt_instagramOne couple is spending Valentine's Day together thanks to the power of Instragram, the app dedicated to social photography.

Robin (from Toronto) and Matt first started following each other on Instagram back in the fall of 2011 after the two became interested in their respective photo streams.

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Many Facebook users spending Valentine's Day alone

Facebook_relationship_stats_broken_heartIf statistics from Facebook are anything to go by, many people will be spending this Valentine's Day single.

The world's largest social network analyzed the relationship status changes of its hundreds of millions of users in attempt to get some insight into the love life of people in 2012.

What it found was that of all the relationship statuses that were changed, most of the changes were to 'Single.'

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Computers causing stressful relationships

Time spent hunkering over a display and tapping away at a keyboard or a screen could be hurting your relationship, a new study suggests.

According to the survey comissioned by, about 41 per cent of U.S. adults in a relationship say using a computer causes stress in their relationships. And it's not just the stereotypical geeky men causing the stress - the survey says women are at fault too.

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Is it cheating to have sex with a robot?

Technology. Is there anything it can't do? Apparently not. Porn and prostitution objectifies people, say critics - but what if the prostitutes were objects already? A new paper, published by academics in New Zealand, predict just this scenario in 2050. Instead of paying human beings for a bit of the other, it suggests that clients might well pay for a bit of robotic nookie instead.

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National Unplugging Day? Just be present, every day.

Can you handle unplugging for 24 hours? That's the challenge set for the National Day of Unplugging, which starts tonight.

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Gay teen who posted online support video takes own life

A young gay filmmaker took his own life this month, just weeks after creating an online video encouraging other gay teenagers. 19-year-old Californian EricJames Borges killed himself after posting the video to It Gets Better, a project designed to give hope to lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth.

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App helps singles find a nearby date

Blendr A popular gay dating app for the iPhone has gone straight.

The folks behind Grindr have come out with similar locaiton-based app that opens the neat and unique features of the original app up to all users. It's called Blendr.

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New Facebook feature lets pregnant women add future child

Facebook users expecting a new addition to their family can now add a special status to their profile to share even more personal information with “Friends.”

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Married people stalking their spouses online: report

Just a few days ago I wrote a blog post about parents stalking their kids on social networks. Well, the results of a new study suggest several people who are married are actually tracking their significant other using technology.

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