Acer Aspire S bridges gap between tablets and laptops


AspireS3_01One of the greatest things about tablets like the Apple iPad is just how fast they come to life. Press the power button and boom - you can instantly tap an app to life, spontaneously Google a local restaurant or browse your email.

The same can’t be said for laptops - until now. Before, you’d have to wait for the computer to come out of sleep mode, which could take anywhere from 45 seconds to a couple of minutes.

But a new wave of laptops - known as Ultrabooks - are stepping up their game.

One of the fist is the Acer Aspire S Ultrabook.


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Speed up your computer with a redeemable card?

Bought a new computer but it's feeling a little slow? Perhaps a magical 'upgrade card' will help it go a little faster.

Intel has a way for people to speed up their computers without even setting a finger inside the case. But is it a way to genuinely help users squeeze out extra performance? Or is it a cash grab to get more money after the fact?

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Are we ready for a brain on a chip?

Could we put the human brain on a microchip? Scientists in the UK hope that they'll be able to simulate at least 1% of it. The researchers, at the University of Manchester, want to string together 1 million processors to simulate the activity of 1 million neurons.

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Intel flaunts future tech waiting in the wings

IMG_6446-2 We all know Intel processors power a fairly large number of netbooks, laptops and desktop computers. A new report said Intel has an 81 per cent market share.

But what do things look like when it comes to technology of the future?

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