New California law lets teens erase social media posts

Teens, it seems, don't have a really good grasp on how the things that they put out there in the online world could come back to bite them.

Experts always caution people that their digital footprints could hurt their career aspirations or event haunt them during divorce proceedings.

Well, minors in California will soon be able to erase anything they might not like from their digital past.

New legislation signed this week in California will let residents under the age of 18 request the removal social media posts that they don't like.

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Facebook could expand facial recognition function - can you opt out?

Photo_facebook_facial_recognitionFacebook is preparing to possibly start expanding its face recognition program to include more than one billion of its users, reports suggest.

Already, the social network uses face recognition to suggest tags in pictures. After all, billions of photos have been uploaded to the social network anyways - so they know a thing or two about finding patterns and identifying similar faces.

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Boyfriend tracking app: creepy and crazy or helpful intelligence?

Boyfriend_tracker_appIs an app that lets people track their boyfriend an invasion of privacy, or is it a handy way to keep tabs on your partner who might not be completely honest with you?

A few weeks ago, it was the latter. Girlfriends (and boyfriends, to be fair) were the NSA of their own relationships, spying on their partner’s whereabouts and conversations with an app.

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Toronto man fired after Twitter pot request

Twitter-bird-white-on-blueAn online search for marijuana has turned into a job hunt for one Canadian Twitter user.

Sunith Baheerathan caused an online stir when he issued a tweet requesting prospective pot sellers to bring some of their wares to a Mr. Lube location in a Toronto suburb.

That location was Baheerathan's place of employment until Tuesday, according to both the company and Baheerathan's own tweets.

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Hacker invades baby monitor and, yes, it's incredibly creepy

7D25642DCE7B569AA2B393968DC9_h231_w308_m5_cqYPKnUVdIt's like something ripped from a horror film. Marc Gilbert was down the hall from his toddler’s room in their Houston home when he heard a disembodied male voice saying sexually suggestive things to his child. The voice was coming from the baby monitor. "He said, 'Wake up Allyson, you little [expletive],'" Gilbert recalled. When he and his wife entered the room, they saw the camera move and realized what had happened: Someone had hacked the monitor system and read the girl's name where it hung in a decoration on the bedroom wall.

Allyson, luckily, did not hear any of the creepy comments; she was born deaf, and Gilbert said her cochlear implants were off at the time, so she slept through the incident. "As a father, I'm supposed to protect her against people like this," said Gilbert, who wants the incident to serve as a caution to other parents. "It's a little embarrassing, to say the least, but it's not going to happen again," he said. [Source]


UK pulls plug on spying trash cans

B6415E2C12B5B364743B55082CDAC_h287_w371_m2_q80_cXsmpjkxMUK officials have demanded that an advertising firm stop using a network of high-tech trash cans to track people walking through London's financial district.

The Renew ad firm has been using technology embedded in the hulking receptacles to measure the Wi-Fi signals emitted by smartphones, and suggested that it would apply the concept of "cookies" — tracking files that follow Internet users across the Web — to the physical world.

"We will cookie the street," Renew Chief Executive Kaveh Memari said in June.

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UK porn filter to cover more than just porn

The controversy around the UK’s impending porn filter keeps on growing. People are angry enough that they’re doing it at all, but now, it seems that it may extend to more than mere porn.

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No cash? No problem: Edmonton cafe accepting controversial Bitcoin

An Alberta cafe is part of a small – yet growing – group of shops that are accepting the controversial currency Bitcoin as payment.

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Instagram app update lets you tag friends

Instagram_taggingA new update to the Instagram app will let you and your friends tag each other in photos.

Instagram - the photo sharing service now owned by Facebook - lets users apply creative and often retro photographic effects on their images before uploading them to share online.

But the thing is that whenver you wanted to alert someone to a photo they were in, or link their profile to an image, you had to manually '@' them in the commenting area or in the caption.

It would also create clutter at the bottom of photos, depending on how many people or things you're adding.

The '@' technique, however, is really Twitter's thing and not primarily Facebook's (though you can use it in there as well).

So now with the relase of the latest Instagram app, you can tap on the image to tag your friends, or businesses with accounts.

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This is awkward: Tumblr exposes creepy (real) Facebook Graph Search results

Married_people_prostitutesWorried about what kinds of things Facebook Graph Search will dig up? Look no further than the Tumblr account called “Actual Facebook Graph Searches.”

The blog collects screenshots of some of the most bizarre search results you can get using the ill-named search tool.

Tom Scott, the creator, says he compiled the search results to show just how ridiculous the search results can be.

He doesn't just post screen shots of just any search results – he goes for “amusingly contradictory things.”

As you can tell by some of the images posted below, he nails the essence of it exactly.

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