Politician wants to stop stolen cellphones from being used

An NDP politician is pitching the idea of a national stolen cellphone registry to cut down on theft.

Mike Sullivan, MP for York South-Weston, wants our national regulator to track stolen phones. He’s calling for the CRTC to create a registry, which would contain the unique identification codes of any phone reported stolen in the country.

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Anonymous nails Vic Toews over Bill C-30

The war between Vic Toews and Internet activists over the online spying bill escalated this week when Anonymous exposed the identity of the politician's alleged former mistress and current commonlaw partner.

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Twitter account blows privacy on politician

A Conservative cabinet minister heading up a controversial bill that threatens the privacy of Canadian had the tables turned on his own personal life.

An anonymous Twitter account has emerged posting tweets about Public Safety Minister Vic Towes.

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Are we ready for an electronic election?

Could the next Canadian election be held online? That's the question facing Parliamentary policy makers right now, thanks to a new report on the last one.

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Conservative site hacked? Plus, RCMP issues warning about the web

According to the RCMP, radical groups are using the web to recruit youth to evil causes. And a hoax on an official website said the prime minister choked on a hash-brown over breakfast and had to be hospitalized. Welcome to the Internet.

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What does a Conservative government mean for web & technology?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper finally won a majority government on Monday May 2. We all he wants to keep taxes low and create jobs – but what does the new government plan to do for the web and technology in Canada?

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CRTC bandwidth cap row reaches Harper

As tensions mounted over the CRTC's decision to support usage-based billing this week, independent ISPs were already starting to imposing user bandwidth caps. Now, the issue has reached the highest level of government.

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A year in with new wireless carriers, are you better off?

Cellphones While the Christmas season is reason enough to celebrate, Wind Mobile has something else to commemorate at this time of the year.

On Dec. 16, Wind turned one. No milestone year for the wireless carrier, but it’s a milestone of change in our wireless landscape.Several years ago the CRTC sold off spectrum, or wireless “space,” to companies that wanted to be cell phone service providers. Whoever bought a spot on the spectrum would be able to send their radio waves through Canada.

Those companies would challenge the main, established players like Rogers, Bell and Telus.  

Wind Mobile was the first to hit the scene a year ago, and now they’re saying that thanks to them, Canadians have better options when it comes to wireless service for their phones.

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Canada’s next copyright law back on the table: what does it mean to you?

This week, amendments to Canada’s archaic copyright legislation are back on the table at Parliament Hill and unless Mr. Harper decides it’s ‘that time of the year’ to prorogue, changes will be coming to the way you can legally deal with your music, movies and favourite TV shows.

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Toronto’s next mayor: Rob Ford? Web stats say so

Voters will go to the polls on Monday to elect Toronto’s next mayor and two candidates are in a dead heat leading up to D-Day. But what if Toronto’s next mayor was picked based on their online popularity?

Rob Ford would win.

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Danny BradburyDanny Bradbury

Danny Bradbury is a technology journalist with 20 years' experience. He writes regularly for publications including the Guardian, the Financial Times, the Financial Post, and Backbone magazine. Danny also writes and directs documentaries.

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