Worried about online privacy? Epic Privacy Browser designed to cover your tracks

Epic_privacy_web_browserA new web browser hopes to keep your online tracks as anonymous and private as possible.

No, it's not a Chrome plugin or the latest version of Internet Explorer – the browser we're talking about is called Epic Privacy Browser.

Hidden Reflex has released the web browser at a time when many people are concerned over the privacy of their information online, thanks to the NSA and its co-operation with various tech giants and even governments, like our own.

According to PC World, the Epic Privacy Browser won't accept any third-party cookies and it'll block tracking cookies. It also won't send any traffic data to search engines.

It'll also block ads, because, it might as well do that too since everything else is being protected.

In another twist of added security, Epic Privacy Browser also sends all your searches through different proxy servers so nothing can be tracked back to you.

Not only will you be more private and secure online, Hidden Reflex CEO Alok Bhardwaj told PC World that websites will load faster since several tracking cookies can bog down web pages.

If you're doubting the stability of the Epic Privacy Browser – don't. It's actually built on the Chromium platform, which is the same thing Google Chrome runs on.

Would you download this super private web browser so you can stay anonymous and secure online? How important is your privacy to you?

- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets



Not even long passwords will save you from a hack attack

66E77A657412BE6777CE353EA7870Passwords with dozens of characters are supposed to be a natural defense against hackers, because they're that much harder to crack compared to short passwords. But not anymore.

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BitTorrent music downloads helping artists: report

Downloading music illegally using platforms like BitTorrent is the enemy of record labels, but a report suggests it might actually be good news for the musicians themselves.  

BitTorrent is a way of sharing files – music, movies and TV shows – between different people on the Internet.

While there are some legal uses for BitTorrent transfers, a majority of traffic is illegal file sharing. In fact, Musicmetric, a group which tracks torrent traffic, found the most shared file in Canada was Kanye West’s album ‘Watch the Throne.’ Strangely, it was the Americans who were after Canadian rapper Drake’s single, ‘The Motto,’ making it the most shared music file in the U.S.

But while recording companies might cringe at the thought of losing tens of millions of dollars in lost sales, some musicians say file sharing is good news.

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Pirate Bay under attack - but who did it?

The world of illegal bit torrent file sharing took a hit this week and file sharers and sites came under direct attack. The Pirate Bay – one of the biggest directories of bit torrent files – suffered an hacking attack that bought it down for 24 hours.

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Sick baby scam spreading on Facebook

A group of fraud busters are crying foul after a scam appears to be spreading on Facebook purporting to show pictures of sick babies, asking for a bogus donation to save their lives.

Posts and photos have been spreading on Facebook showing babies and very young toddles in hospital beds or in other medically-compromising positions.

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Is Google’s new privacy policy cause for concern?

Despite recent reports urging people to cover their tracks, you might not have to annihilate your Google browsing history over privacy concerns.

Effective March 1, Google is going to roll its privacy policies for several of its services into one, single policy. Frankly, I’m surprised it took this long.

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'Real Steel' release hints at the future of DVD extras

Real-steelMovie audiences who fell in love with the spectacle of Hugh Jackman's 'Real Steel' will love what Disney's done with the Blu-ray release that hits shelves this Tuesday (January 24).

Not content with a standard release, the studio is bringing a 'second screen' to viewers' iPads and PC devices. This 'app' enables viewers to interact with the Blu-ray extras as the movie plays.

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Hackers targeting cars in 2012: experts

I often wax on about the importance of protecting your computer and smart phone against hackers, but you might want to start protecting another piece of technology against hackers – your car.

It’s not enough to lock up your car, use a club or get an engine immobilizer. Hackers who once wreaked havoc on your desktop or laptop PC want to mess around with your wheels.

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Most pirated TV shows of 2011 revealed

While broadcasters will be waving their ratings flags, eager to claim who had the most viewers in 2011, the underground has weighed in with a list of the most-pirated TV shows of the past year.

BitTorrent news and how-to site TorrentFreak has published the list, pointing out that the explosion of illegal downloading from previous years seems to be a thing of the past.

So, let’s get to the list, shall we?

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US law could kill Canadian web sites

Are you kidding me? If it isn't bad enough that the US Congress is effectively threatening to kill large parts of the Internet, they can't even do it without bickering among themselves, like schoolchildren. SOPA, a piece of toxic legislation currently working its way through the US House of Representatives, made it through yesterday's vote largely intact - after the debate was derailed by infantile name calling.

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