Phone thief unwittingly documents his life on the Internet

What's the only good part about getting your phone stolen? Getting to see every photo that the thief takes with it, that's what. That's the subject of a blog, aptly named "life of a stranger who stole my phone". 

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‘Facebook facelift’ — would you go under the knife for a profile pic?

The days of sucking in cheeks and looking up to a downward-pointing smartphone camera seem to be fading as vain people attempt to snap the best photos for their social networks.

And it seems that even a bit of Photoshop to turn your profile shot into a glamour shot won’t cut it anymore.

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Adobe moves Photoshop, Creative Suite to the cloud

Don’t expect to be able to go down to your local computer shop and order the latest copy of Adobe Photoshop. The software company is moving Photoshop – and other programs from Creative Suite – to the cloud.

Diehard users who got the latest version every time something new was released will love this new solution. But others, including occasional users and anybody who wanted to pirate the software, are out of luck.

Starting June 17, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and Dreamweaver move to the Adobe Creative Cloud.

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Instagram app update lets you tag friends

Instagram_taggingA new update to the Instagram app will let you and your friends tag each other in photos.

Instagram - the photo sharing service now owned by Facebook - lets users apply creative and often retro photographic effects on their images before uploading them to share online.

But the thing is that whenver you wanted to alert someone to a photo they were in, or link their profile to an image, you had to manually '@' them in the commenting area or in the caption.

It would also create clutter at the bottom of photos, depending on how many people or things you're adding.

The '@' technique, however, is really Twitter's thing and not primarily Facebook's (though you can use it in there as well).

So now with the relase of the latest Instagram app, you can tap on the image to tag your friends, or businesses with accounts.

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Cdn. woman arrested for Instragram photo of cop – censorship?

Anarcommie_montreal_police_instagram_photoA Montreal woman is facing charges after posting a photo of a well-known Montreal cop to Instagram – which has some people wondering if the police force is exercising censorship.

It wasn’t just any cop, but Montreal police officer Ian Lafreniere. And the photo was graffiti of Cmdr. Lafreniere with a bullet hole just above his eyes.

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Olympus launches new Stylus Tough cameras at CES

TG-830_BLU_LEFTSkiers and snowboarders hitting the slopes this season might want to pay special attention to a couple new cameras launched by Olympus at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Two new models – the Stylus TG-830 iHS and the Styuls TG-630 iHS – made their debut in Las Vegas.

Obviously, these cameras are designed to take great shots with above-average 16-megapixel back-side illuminated CMOS sensors and their latest TruPic VI image processors.

But it's what's wrapping all that technology that makes these cameras stand out.

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And the most popular location to Instagram a photo is...

Most_popular_Instagram_locationsThe world's largest photo-centric social media platform has released a list of the most popular places in the world to post a photo in 2012.

So, where in the world do most photos get posted from? You'd be surprised.

No, it's not Times Square in New York City. Nor was it the site of the Closing Ceremony from this summer's Olympic Games (though the Spice Girls concert got a lot of people Tweeting).

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Coming soon: a camera you can wear

Is it too obvious to take a photo while holding up something like a digital camera or a smartphone? Have you wanted to be more inconspicuous while snapping some shots?

A company out of Sweden has a solution: a camera you can wear. And as wild as that idea sounds, they’re actually one step closer to making the project a reality.

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Memoto wants to document your life, twice each minute

Is your life interesting enough to be recorded twice a minute for posterity? A new Kickstarter campaign will enable you to do just that, thanks to a little box called the Memoto.

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Canon launches full-frame 6D, Olympus updates PEN line

6dPhotographers have a couple new cameras to eye following a pair of announcements Monday morning.

Canon has pulled the wraps off a new full-frame DSLR camera, the new 6D.

It’s designed to slot in between the current price point of the 5D Mark II, with features similar to that of the new 5D Mark III.

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