RIM’s market share sinking: report

RIM may have just launched the PlayBook tablet and hinted at more features we’ll see on future devices, but the company’s U.S. market share is dipping at Google’s gain, according to a report.

With the drop, RIM has lost pole position on the smartphone racetrack.

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Countdown is on for 10 billion app downloads

There may be 100 days until the Royal Wedding, but what really matters is that Apple is counting down to its 10 billionth app download - a milestone for software distribution. 

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Do you have a charger for my...? Standardized plugs coming soon

Micro_usb Anyone who has a smart phone knows the feeling. The battery starts dipping to below 20 per cent charge. You think you can stretch things out but the meter continues to dip as your day wears on and a charger is out of sight.

Now your battery indicator is flashing red...the phone is nearly running on the battery acid’s fumes. Any second now, that beep alerting you of your phone’s impending shut-down will stop mid-tone as the screen fades to black.

Panicking, you ask around – at work, school, a friend’s place – for a charger. Unfortunately, their Samsung plug won’t jive with your iPhone.

Wouldn’t it be nice if smartphone chargers used a standard plug?

Yes – and it appears the Europeans get it.

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Phone Review: Palm Pre 2

Palmpre2 The Palm Pre came out nearly a year ago with a fair bit of excitement and pressure to help the company succeed in the smartphone market – and to give consumers a sought-after phone. The device had a touchscreen, a keypad and a new mobile operating system.

Well, things didn’t go as well as they could have and the company was bought by Hewlett Packard. Now, under new ownership, they’re at it again with the Palm Pre 2 and an updated operating system, HP webOS 2.0.

Unlike Heidi Montag who looks completely different now compared to before she had copious amounts of plastic surgery done, the second iteration of the Pre underwent a minor facelift. The shape is still the same but it feels a little sturdier and solid.

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Danny BradburyDanny Bradbury

Danny Bradbury is a technology journalist with 20 years' experience. He writes regularly for publications including the Guardian, the Financial Times, the Financial Post, and Backbone magazine. Danny also writes and directs documentaries.

Maurice CachoMaurice Cacho

Maurice Cacho is a Toronto-based journalist mixing his love for tech with a passion for news. He's also CP24's Web Journalist and appears daily on CP24 Breakfast and weekly on the channel's tech show, Webnation, discussing tech news and trends.