Acer Aspire S bridges gap between tablets and laptops


AspireS3_01One of the greatest things about tablets like the Apple iPad is just how fast they come to life. Press the power button and boom - you can instantly tap an app to life, spontaneously Google a local restaurant or browse your email.

The same can’t be said for laptops - until now. Before, you’d have to wait for the computer to come out of sleep mode, which could take anywhere from 45 seconds to a couple of minutes.

But a new wave of laptops - known as Ultrabooks - are stepping up their game.

One of the fist is the Acer Aspire S Ultrabook.


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Review: Samsung 9 series laptop

Series9notebook Samsung has just launched a super-slim laptop that claims to have some serious firepower: the Series 9. Usually, ultraportable computers skimp on horsepower. Is that the case here?

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Will the 'Utlrabook' replace notebooks and tablets?

Intel is reportedly going to push a new type of computer that will slot in between being a netbook and a tablet computer. The question is - will anyone make it? And will you buy it?

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Enter to win an Asus Transformer tablet PC

MSN Tech & Gadgets has teamed up with Asus in a contest to give away two Eee Pad Transformer TF101 PC tablets. But first, you will need to read the contest rules carefully and send in a correct answer to the question below.  

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Tablet PC transformed by Asus

It has not been an easy task for anyone. Not one single player has so far made a dent on Apple's dominance in this catch-up game of tablets. We have seen several attempts from all of the major players. We know Samsung tried, and so did Motorola. Merely weeks ago, our home-grown Research In Motion unveiled its long-awaited tablet, but the splash went silent. Even this week, RIM issued a recall on about 1,000 of its PlayBook devices

Can anyone really dethrone Apple in this tablet war?

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IE 9 - the web browser that stretches battery life

Battery_life If you're looking to squeeze every last drop of battery life out of your laptop, the web browser you'll probably want to start using is Internet Explorer 9.

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CES: Tablets, PCs or e-Readers? How about all of them!

Xoom Apple, which sold over seven million iPads through September of last year, is expected to sell 28 million of the coveted devices in 2011, up from an estimated 22 million.

The technology darling created a market that wasn’t there a year ago, which put their competitors in a position of playing catch-up. But if there’s a takeaway from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, it’s this: the tablet market will heat up significantly in 2011.

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Get your BlackBerry or laptop blessed at Nova Scotia church

Usually a priest or minister will ask you to turn off your BlackBerry or iPhone during a service. But in Nova Scotia, Rev. Lisa Vaughan will be asking people to turn them on – and bring them to the front for an unusual blessing.

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Netbooks to pack more punch with new dual-core processors

With their small form factor and great battery life, netbooks have been gaining steam in the PC market – but they haven’t been particularly fast. Now, they’re going to be getting a lot better with the help of faster processors.

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