Review: Motorola Razr Is one sexy slim phone

Motorola_RazrJust a few years ago almost everyone had a Motorla Razr. Remember? They were those super-thin flip phones that at least one person in each group of friends had. 

Then flip phones when out of style, replaced by smartphones. Now, the Razr is back for the smartphone generation.

Motorla has revived the iconic Razr brand in this latest incarnation which stays true to its roots  - a super-thin handest.

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Review: Motorola Atrix

Atrix_webtop1 With so much hype surrounding the newest phone to launch from Motorola, the Atrix has a lot to live up to.

To start, the phone was voted best in its category at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show.

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Motorola Xoom coming to Canada in April

Xoom A few details are starting to emerge about the Motorola Xoom’s arrival in Canada.

On Monday, the wireless company said the tablet computer will hit stores “this April.”

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First touch: Motorola Atrix makes calls, but isn’t a phone

Atrix_webtop1 The other day I had a chance to spend about an hour with the brand new Motorola Atrix. Yes, it makes phone calls. But it’s making phone calls is one of the last things you’ll want to get this cellphone for. 

To say the Atrix is a cellphone is to say a tent is a home. Yes, the tent provides the basic needs of shelter and a place for a bed.

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Can you beat a speeding ticket with an app?

Lately, cellphones have been getting people in trouble for using one behind the wheel. A university student in California, however, used one to help get off a speeding ticket.

Here’s what happened: Sahas Katta says he was on his way home from a friend’s place when he got pulled over for going over 40 mp/h in a zone where the limit was 25 mp/h.

Instead of paying the fine and dealing with all the fun stuff that comes with a speeding ticket (higher insurance, etc.), Katta decided to fight it in court – and to represent himself – with the help of his Motorola Milestone.

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CES: Tablets, PCs or e-Readers? How about all of them!

Xoom Apple, which sold over seven million iPads through September of last year, is expected to sell 28 million of the coveted devices in 2011, up from an estimated 22 million.

The technology darling created a market that wasn’t there a year ago, which put their competitors in a position of playing catch-up. But if there’s a takeaway from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, it’s this: the tablet market will heat up significantly in 2011.

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Move over iPhone – you’re not that cool anymore

While data hasn’t been released for Canada yet, phones based on Google’s Android operating system have outsold those from Apple for the first time in the United States.

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Review: The Motorola Backflip is a social beast

As companies try to either catch up or differentiate their own phones from Apple’s iPhone, the definition of what a smartphone should be is being expanded. What makes a smartphone smart? Is it its ability to enhance your phone call experience? The basic phone experience hasn’t changed much since Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson first heard each over a two-mile wire. What has changed is all the bells and whistles surrounding that call. And, in some ways, the bells and whistles have become more important than the phone itself.

Google is a relative newcomer to the smartphone market. Motorola has paired up with Google to offer MOTOBLUR technology with the Google-developed Android operating system. This system will be available on three different phones, the Backflip, Dext and Quench phone. I recently had the opportunity to test the Backflip phone.

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How to choose a smartphone

Upgrading your cellphone to a smartphone might seem like a fairly basic task until you realize the vast number of options available. To help make the process a simpler one for you — and reduce the odds you'll experience "buyer's remorse" — the following are a few tips to consider before you make the purchase.

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A Milestone in phone technology?

For the average person, the question of the last few years has been, Do I need a smartphone? After all, ten years ago, cellphones were just beginning to penetrate the market. I remember a friend of mine bought one and the first thing I said to her was "Why? Why not save the expense and just use a payphone?" Nowadays, of course, cellphones have become so ubiquitous that payphones have begun disappearing from sidewalks for lack of use. Will smartphones become the new cellphones?

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Danny BradburyDanny Bradbury

Danny Bradbury is a technology journalist with 20 years' experience. He writes regularly for publications including the Guardian, the Financial Times, the Financial Post, and Backbone magazine. Danny also writes and directs documentaries.

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