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Recap of Apple's 2013 iPhone event

Join our reporters and editors as they report live from Cupertino, New York City, and beyond during Apple's next product announcement on September 10, 2013. Will Apple unveil an iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C? New iPads? Updated iMacs? Apple TV hardware? Or will Apple turn up the dial on iTunes Radio? Tune in with us. 


Top ten most popular smartphone apps list released

The-app-World-bigFacebook might be the most popular app on your smartphone, but a new list suggests it's second-fiddle to an app from Google.

According to the GlobalWebIndex, the most popular smartphone app is Google Maps.

The market research company released the list based on the usage of almost a billion smartphone users around the world.

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It found Google Maps was run by about 54 per cent of smartphone users. 

Is that first-place ranking surprising? Not at all, considering how Apple botched its own Maps app, sending people to Google faster than Justin Bieber draws crowds outside a Yorkville hotel.

Facebook is the second-most popular smartphone app, used by 41 per cent of people.

Google retains its dominant position with two more apps in the top five - with YouTube in third and Google+ in fourth place. 

To be honest, I'm a little surprised 30 per cent of polled users actually engage with Google+, considering how little social media traffic is actually from that social network.

Facebook has one other app in the Top 10: Instagram, coming in 10th place. The photo and short video sharing service was actively used by 11 per cent of the market, GlobalWebIndex reports.

The only unusual app that made it on the list came in fifth place - Weixin/WeChat. For those who didn't know (including myself), it's an instant messaging service based in China. 

Which app do you use most often on your smartphone? What is the app that you just can't live without?

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- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets



70 per cent of people don't pay for mobile content

A new survey suggests most people don't like paying for content on their smartphones and tablets.

According to the results of a study done by Adobe, most people don't like to crack open the wallet to get media content online.

After years and years of surfing a cost-free Internet, can you blame them?

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Google steps inside Apple’s home with updated Google Search app

GoogleNowIt’s no secret that Apple doesn’t really love Google.

The launch of Apple’s own Maps app was an effort to get people to use a new native iOS mapping app rather than the Google-based map tool.

That project didn’t work out so well, and it even forced Apple to make a public apology online.

Now, Google is rolling out a new feature - Google Now – to iPhones and iPads with the latest update to the Google Search app.

With this move, Google is making itself comfy inside everyone’s iOS device.

Heck – the app is so convenient and it’ll feel so comfortable that Google could even be putting up its feet on the coffee table in Apple’s mobile homes.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 launch: Watch the show in full

Keep it locked here for a live stream of UNPACKED -- the launch of Samsung's new Galaxy S4 device.



A BlackBerry addict's review of a Windows phone

By Emma Waverman

The satisfying click when my thumbs hits the buttons gives me an endorphin rush each and every time. My name is Emma and I am a keyboard addict.

We’ve been enmeshed for almost a decade. There was a time that I couldn’t imagine living without my BlackBerry, but lately I have been missing out on some of the fun extras of the newer smartphones — like a good camera. So when Microsoft gave me an opportunity to try out the Nokia Lumia Windows 8 phone for a month, I eagerly, cautiously said yes.

I am a fairly average phone user — I use it for searching, email, Twitter and as an actual phone (yes, I’m a “voice’ dinosaur) as well as for kid distraction purposes.

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The 10 most overused buzzwords of the year on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Buzzwords 2012 Infographic_Global
Do you consider yourself creative? Well then, show off your originality by not describing yourself as such on your LinkedIn profile. As it turns out, you're just like many of the networking site's 187 million other job hunters who also claim to be "effective", "motivated" and "analytical".

But these terms amount to little more than overused, empty descriptors that may sound good but say almost nothing about the way you work.

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Facebook finally updates lackluster iPhone, iPad app

The world's largest social network, Facebook, has finally updated its much-hated iOS app.

Previously, Facebook tried to take the HTML route with their mobile experience. One advantage was that using Facebook across different types of mobile devices was pretty much the same with a familiar layout.

But the app was garbage.

The old Facebook iOS app felt like it took forever to load, the newsfeed scrolled as slow as continental drift and photos loaded on a hit-and-miss basis, sometimes only in a low-rez mode where you would wonder if you had glaucoma.

God forbid you might try and click on a link that one of your friends posted on Facebook, as the app would pull up the page at the painful pace of bureaucratic change.

The new Facebook app is so much better, it's hard to imagine it came from the same company.

Facebook claims the app loads twice as fast, along with scrolling through your news feed and opening photos.

Whatever they've done, it makes using the Facebook app actually desirable.

While you're scrolling through the news feed, you'll receive notifications about your new status updates in an alert bar. Want to jump straight to their update?

Tap the bar and you're taken right here, quite quickly.

On the iPad version, the overall experience is much similar to what you'd find using Facebook on a normal computer.

To get the updated app, just download it through the App Store.

What do you think of the new Facebook app? Which improvements would you still like to see?

Facebook finally updates lackluster iPhone, iPad app


Want a free data plan? Just watch some ads

A company in the U.K. is offering people free wireless Internet – if they watch enough ads.

Data service on smartphones and tablets is typically expensive when compared to traditional voice fees. But it now seems one company is offering a reprieve for penny-pinching consumers.

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Asus Windows PCs to soon run Android

The transition away from traditional desktops and laptops has taken another step toward mobile, after Asus announced a clever solution to get Android apps on its PCs.

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