Facebook, Twitter users fall for fake Apple ad claiming iOS 7 makes an iPhone waterproof

IOS_7_waterproofA very fake but very convincing-looking Apple ad suggests that upgrading to the tech giant's latest mobile operating system turns phones and tablets into submersible devices.

That is anything far from the truth, however. 

While the software will make your iPhone or iPad feel like an entirely new device, it can't possibly seal off the headphone jack, lighting connector and speaker holes.

That, unfortunately, hasn't stopped countless people from dipping their Apple phones and tablets in water to test out the claims, only to turn their iPhones into iBricks.

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Recap of Apple's 2013 iPhone event

Join our reporters and editors as they report live from Cupertino, New York City, and beyond during Apple's next product announcement on September 10, 2013. Will Apple unveil an iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C? New iPads? Updated iMacs? Apple TV hardware? Or will Apple turn up the dial on iTunes Radio? Tune in with us. 


Google steps inside Apple’s home with updated Google Search app

GoogleNowIt’s no secret that Apple doesn’t really love Google.

The launch of Apple’s own Maps app was an effort to get people to use a new native iOS mapping app rather than the Google-based map tool.

That project didn’t work out so well, and it even forced Apple to make a public apology online.

Now, Google is rolling out a new feature - Google Now – to iPhones and iPads with the latest update to the Google Search app.

With this move, Google is making itself comfy inside everyone’s iOS device.

Heck – the app is so convenient and it’ll feel so comfortable that Google could even be putting up its feet on the coffee table in Apple’s mobile homes.

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Canadians buying tablets in impulse purchases

Microsoft_SurfaceWhen shopping for electronics, do you hunt for the best deal? Or do you thoroughly research things, exhausting all tools available online before putting down the plastic?

If you’re buying a new tablet, chances are that it’s an impulse purchase and not something you’ve mulled over, a new study suggests.

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What makes Apple's 40 billion app downloads special?

Apple tossed out a big number yesterday, boasting about how many apps it has sold. But is that number really significant? No, not really. There was another number that was even more meaningful - the number of apps downloaded just last year.

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Review: iPhone 5 takes conservative step forward

IPhone_5_AngledSharp_Front_Back_White_PRINTApple’s newest smartphone improves on several features that needed an upgrade, but is it enough to make it the best device out there?

The most noticeable thing you’ll spot with the iPhone 5 is that it’s slightly longer, sporting a 4-inch screen that’s larger only in length. It's not quite up there with the big 4.3 and 4.8-inch touchscreens on Android devices.

Physically, the handset is only about 4 mm longer, and it’s still the same width. Otherwise, the 5 is lighter and thinner than the 4S.

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Popular app rates a person's ugly factor, bullying experts concerned

Ugly_meter_appAn iPhone app that rates the ugliness of a face is catapulting up the charts following a radio mention – even though bullying experts are sounding the alarm.

Ugly Meter works by taking a picture of your face, and then scanning it for certain facial features. A green bar glides across the face, drawing polymetric shapes surrounding a person’s facial structure.

The app then produces a score out of ten on the “Ugly Meter.” And with this app, you’ll want to score like you do with golf: the lower the score, the better.

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Smartphones outnumber feature phones in Canada: study

For the first time ever, more Canadians are using a smartphone than a feature phone last year, a new study suggests.

According to IDC Canada, there were more smartphones shipped to consumers and in the “installed base” than ever before in 2011 – a trend unlikely to slow anytime soon.

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Apple rolls out app charts for Canada

Apple has introduced app charts for Canada this week, letting us Canucks know what’s hot and popular north of the 49th parallel.

With their new stats, we can see a list of the most-downloaded free and paid apps for the iPhone and iPad in Canada.

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