New invention sure to be a boon for lazy or absent dog owners


Do you miss your little Fido when you schlep off to work or go on vacation, yet you don't love him quite enough to bother putting him in a kennel or finding a sitter? Enter Petziconnect, a device that fuses smartphone and vending machine technology so you can continue to provide your pet with essential human services even if you're on the other side of the world. We're going to let slightly odd Petzila CEO David Clark talk you through it in this video, and you can decide for yourself whether the device creates "a mutual sense of wellbeing and general happiness" or whether it's just a fun new way to really freak out your dog. [Source]


Grandparents replaced by Google?

The wisdom of grandparents, the stories from their memories and the recipes they can share are being replaced by the web.

A new survey has found that grandma and grandpa are being passed up when kids are looking for advice that they used to ask their grandparents for.

According to the survey commissioned by cleaning company Dr. Beckmann, kids are instead hitting Google for advice and wisdom.

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Leap Motion brings Minority Report interface to life

We've had air kissing, air hugs, and air guitar. Now, Leap Motion is bringing us air mice. The company is planning a product that lets you control your computer by gesturing in thin air, without a  mouse, presumably to the joy of circus mimes everywhere.

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Is Microsoft's world of the future truly realistic?

This is a cute little video. Microsoft's Office division has created an online presentation, highlighting what it thinks work will be like in 5 to 10 years. But is it realistic?

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Is Apple going to start making TVs?

Just as Apple launched its iCloud service in the U.S., Sony is reportedly struggling in the TV market. Now, at least one analyst says Apple might be coming out with television sets in 2012.

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Make Facebook look like a spreadsheet; trick your boss

Hardlyworking Have you ever been caught using Facebook at the office? A new website will transform Facebook to look like an Excel spreadsheet.

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Evoke Flow a sound choice in internet radio players

Internet radio is an easy sell for people tired of local radio options and unwilling to fork out for Sirius/XM. All it requires is a computer and an internet connection - and you're good to go.Evoke-flow

As this genre has evolved, people have grown weary of the limitations of a stationary desktop and the inconvenience of a power-draining laptop. As a result, demand for simple internet radio players has grown.

The latest in a range of products that has already brought us the Logitech Squeezebox and the Apple iPod Touch is the Evoke Flow.

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Could our future phones be made of paper?

Could tomorrow's phones be made from paper? That's the exciting prospect presented by a research team at Queens University here in Canada.

Researchers from the University's Human Media Lab have developed a fully functional smart phone using a type of digital paper called E-Ink. Ealing is the same stuff used in the Amazon Kindle, but this experimental device, called the Snaplet, is bendable. It can also make phone calls, and play music.

With its 3.75 inch display, layered onto a flexible printed circuit board, the device can be controlled by bending. For example, you could flex the device and have your contact directory pop-up. This creates some interesting new possibilities. How about an e-book application that lets you bookmark a page by tweaking the phone's top left corner?

The researchers developed the prototype device to recognise different kinds of bending gestures. It can be worn like a wristwatch, and is smart enough to know that when worn in that way, it should display the time. When the user bends it the other way, making it concave (as you might do when holding it to your ear) it knows enough to become a phone. And it operates as a PDA when sitting flat.

The particularly funky thing about this phone is that it consumes no electricity when it isn't being used. That would potentially increase the available battery life of the device exponentially.

As if all that isn't enough, it also incorporates a built in Wacom tablet, which enables users to draw on the screen. How much more paperlike could you get?

I can't wait to see technology like this popping up in real-world devices, rather than languishing in the lab. Hopefully, in a few years, we might see these sorts of things displayed on the shelves of Future Shop or Best Buy.

Danny Bradbury, MSN Tech & Gadgets



Thunderbolts are go! Meet the next USB/DV plug

Lightpeak-cables Just when we were starting to get up and running with the next-generation of USB technology (you know, the plugs you use to charge your phone or get pictures off your digital camera), we've been introduced to a possible successor, Thunderbolt.

The first devices we'll see on the market with this new tech are actually from Apple. The company's new MacBook Pro lineup features laptops with Thunderbolt.

It's just a matter of time before we see Thunderbolt pop up in desktop PCs and laptops running Windows.

But what the heck is Thunderbolt?

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Don’t like touchscreens? Gadget turns them into keypads

Image003 Are you someone who doesn’t like touchscreens? Are you turned off getting the iPhone because it has no physical keypad?

Worry not - there’s now a gadget that turns the screen of an iPhone into a QWERTY keypad. It’s the 4iThumbs2.

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