Three reasons the HTC One is the best Android phone now

HTC_OneHTC is struggling in the smartphone market, a problem that shows as the company reported a 98 per cent dip in profit during the first quarter.

It’s a shame, really, because the company’s plunging profits shouldn’t be grabbing headlines. That’s the way it seems after spending some time with their new flagship handset, the HTC One.

It’s an awesome phone that – coupled with the right marketing – can help turn around HTC’s fortunes and put a smile on your face.

Maybe it’s the supermodel-gorgeous design or the impressive camera, but the One is the best phone on the market right now. Here’s why.

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New HTC One features promising camera, design

HTC-ProductDetail-Hero-slide-04Struggling gadget maker HTC has rolled out a smart phone that it hopes will keep it in the game, the HTC One. And judging by the details, it seems like a promising device.

The HTC One is going to be running the latest version of Android – Jelly Bean, to be exact. The release date will be in early March.

But Android isn't something new to report on. So here's what makes the HTC One stand out.

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Review: HTC One X hits the spot

Htconex-MoreViews-3553HTC has launched the new One X, its slickest Android-based smartphone yet. So what features make it so great?

For starters, the phone is super thin, measuring in at 8.9 millimetres.The display is a goregous 4.7-inch screen that's viewable even onsun-drenched patios.

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Is HTC pulling the plug on Sense?

Popular smartphone manufacturer HTC appears to be temporarily pulling the plug on, it’s cloud storage system found on pretty much all their recent Sense-enabled phones.

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Android makes huge gains in Canada, but beware security risks

Google’s mobile operating system Android has grabbed a huge chunk of the Canadian smartphone share, but the news comes as fresh (and serious) security concerns surface.

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Review: HTC Jetstream a tablet to beat

Htc_jetstreamAs competitors aim to crack into the tablet market with a serious, full-featured iPad competitor, HTC has a worthy device with its latest offering, the Jetstream.

To be honest, the company’s previous attempt was sort of like a warm-up lap. The Flyer worked, but it didn’t blow you away with its small screen and somewhat dated software setup.

The Jeststream is the complete opposite.

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Review: HTC Flyer

20110816_C4005_PHOTO_EN_2192 Apple may have a stronghold on the tablet computer market, but the latest offering from HTC – the Flyer - aims to glide in for a challenge.

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Apple’s iPhone leads world market share

A new study on worldwide smartphone market share is handing the crown from Nokia to Apple.

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Review: HTC Wildfire S

Wildfire At a time when most phones are boasting large touch screens, a new arrival on the smartphone marketis doing the opposite.

The HTC Wildfire S is one of the smallest Android phones available in Canada, measing in at a tick over 10 cm in length and a tad under 6 cm in width.

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Behind the design of HTC phones and tablets

HTC_designer Many people buy things based on their design – whether its clothing or a smartphone - the way an object’s lines flow, curve and turn trigger emotions that make people desire them.

After taking a look at the HTC Flyer, it’s clear that a whole lot of design went into it. It doesn't top the spec charts in other areas.

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