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Kids want an Apple device most this holiday season

Nielson_kids_wish_listWondering what little Johnny or Sally want under the Christmas tree this holiday season? Chances are it’s an Apple product.

According to research from Nielson, kids in the U.S. want an Apple gadget from Santa and his elves in the North Pole.

What exactly from Apple is it that they want? Pretty much anything, it appears.

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Online Christmas shopping tips

Thanks to the web, I was able to get all my Christmas shopping done only online while avoiding massive crowds, lineups and disorganization at the malls. 

Shopping online is great, but it's important to take steps that will speed up your shopping, save you money and help you stay secure. Read on for the tips

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Which presents do kids want most this Christmas?

When I was a kid, the present I wanted most was an awesome Lego set. It didn’t matter which – although I had a preference for the ‘City’ brand – but Legos beat out remote-controlled cars and skateboards.

Well these days, the list is slightly different.

The iPad tops the list of presents kids want most this holiday season, according to the results of a survey from Nielson.

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Squeezebox still a compelling buy

Squeezebox-Radio-red Last Christmas, while shopping for gifts at an electronics store, I got into an interesting conversation with a sales guy about a brand new music player called a Squeezebox, which he dubbed "the Satellite Radio Killer”. He explained that it connected to the home WIFI connection and -- blamo -- you have access to every internet radio station there is, as well as access to your entire iTunes library. Unlike other models that stream web stations, the Squeezebox shows song and artist info (like a built-in Shazam!).

I listened with my mouth agape at the possibilities. I was sold within minutes. One gift down, dozens to go!

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Track Santa Claus online

Norad_santa The big day is here and it’s time for Santa to go all around the world delivering toys to good boys and girls.

Even though you’re not supposed to see him when he comes down the chimney and delivers gifts under the tree, there’s a way to track jolly old Saint Nick as he travels across the world.

For starters – everything is going according to plan for Santa’s big journey.

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Antoine Dodson returns with the 'Chimney Intruder'

Well, obviously, he had to do something for Christmas.

Antoine Dodson – who was the lyricist behind the viral Bed Intruder song – is back with the Chimney Intruder.

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Holiday Flash Mobs: The good, the bad, and the unsafe

This holiday season we’ve had our share of flash mobs: One good, one questionable and one that nearly didn’t even happen because it was a health and safety hazard. Two are Canadian.

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Free Friday: Keeping your holiday spending in control

Easier_comp Between buying gifts and spending money at holiday parties, the bills can add up during the Christmas season. has some tools that can help people manage their finances during this fun, but financially tough time of the year.

Just launched in Canada this week, is a financial site that has been quite popular south of the border. 

The free service can analyze your spending and help you make smarter choices with your money.

How does it work?

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Black Friday deals hit Canada, via the web

Our crazy cousins south of the border are once again choosing to celebrate Thanksgiving on a ridiculous day, six weeks after the real one. However, their insanity could be advantageous for you, because Black Friday - the shopping frenzy which has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with giving thanks - extends north of the border in many online deals. My colleague Maurice already reported on ways to buy physical goods across the border, but savvy Canadians can also take advantage of deals on downloadable software and avoid the whole nasty customs and excise mess altogether. 

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Call of Duty a blockbuster that delivers

If there is a games equivalent to a high octane, big budget summer blockbuster, it would have to be the Call of Duty series. Take that compliment forward or backward. Activision’s money factory shooter franchise continually delivers explosive and engaging single-player campaigns and (usually) solid multiplayer that – considering the record shattering sales figures – will have no end of match-ups. It’s definitely not high art but it’s a damn good time.Call-of-duty

Treyarch’s second go round under the Call of Duty umbrella is no exception. Set throughout the Cold War, Black Ops’ single-player campaign starts off in Cuba during the infamous Bay of Pigs “invasion” and doesn’t stop as it carries the player through a roller coaster ride of action set pieces, intrigue and somewhat telegraphed – though no less cool – twists that make it one of the best of the series. The same ante-upping escalation of OMG moments that made Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare a classic is employed flawlessly here by Treyarch, who show they can build on what worked in their last CoD outing (2008’s World at War) and improve on what didn’t.

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