University students fake GPS signal, misdirect $80 million yacht

It turns out that the GPS signal guiding you to your summer vacation or to a client meeting could easily be hacked.

A team of students managed to distort a GPS signal near an $80 million yacht, sending it off course on the open seas.

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New suitcase with tracking system promises to never get lost

Top-392x279-biTravelling by plane is already stressful: You have to check in hours before the flight, security will probably leave you feeling violated, and bad weather can push back your departure time.

Oh - and your baggage could quite possibly get lost. Apparently 11 bags for every 1,000 passengers go missing, every day. 

To combat this, a group of European companies are coming out with a "smart" suitcase that can be tracked by the owner using their iPhone.

Bag2Go is a suitcase system that uses GPS tracking and other features to make sure you never lose a suitcase - and should you lose it, they can locate the baggage and deliver it to you before it's time to fly back.

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Memoto wants to document your life, twice each minute

Is your life interesting enough to be recorded twice a minute for posterity? A new Kickstarter campaign will enable you to do just that, thanks to a little box called the Memoto.

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Google Now and Project Glass - a creepy match made in heaven?

Google's new tablet stole the show at its I/O conference last week, but it isn't the firm's only offering. It also released Google Now, a digital assistant that mirrors much of what Apple has accomplished with Siri. But Google's software goes further. 

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Google Maps now gives you estimated traffic travel times

While Google Maps is great for telling you how long a journey is expected to take, those estimates left traffic out of the equation.

Although it might appear like a 20 minute journey on the screen, traffic – in reality – would make it a 35 or 40 minute journey.

Google has stepped in to remedy that problem by introducing real-time traffic estimates when you search for directions between destinations.

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Google Glasses to hit market by end of year?

Google is reportedly developing a set of glasses designed to bring its world of information straight to your eyes. The glasses, which are slated for launch this year, will beam information in front of your eyes, imposed on your everyday view of the real world.

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New GPS system could help you avoid ‘ghettos’

Have you ever followed GPS driving directions, only to end up in a shady area of town?  Sure, it may have been the shortest route, but perhaps not one you would take again.

Well, Microsoft is working to create a GPS system that would avoid dangerous areas of a city, or places with bad weather.

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Danny BradburyDanny Bradbury

Danny Bradbury is a technology journalist with 20 years' experience. He writes regularly for publications including the Guardian, the Financial Times, the Financial Post, and Backbone magazine. Danny also writes and directs documentaries.

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