Call of Duty: Ghosts does it again. But what about the veterans?

People must really like Call of Duty: Ghosts. Thieves cut through the wall of independently-owned game store The Game MD in Ontario to steal 150 copies of the game last weekend. That stopped the owner from holding the midnight sale event on Tuesday morning.

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Which new gaming console to do people want most? The Xbox One or the PS4?

9415145673_12a1e130c6_cWith the holiday season around the corner, there are going to be two next-generation gaming consoles vying to be under the tree.

One is Microsoft's Xbox One, the other is Sony's PS4. And according to a recent poll, people really want the Sony device over the other.

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Nike celebrates 30 years of Air Pegasus with a brisk Toronto run

NikeStanding among dozens of runners assembled Wednesday evening
at Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto to mark 30 years of the Nike Air Pegasus,
I couldn’t help but reflect on my very first pair of the iconic runners.

Has it really been that long?

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Grand Theft Auto 5 released before launch date

GTA5One of the year's most anticipated video games was released to some customers ahead of this week's Tuesday embargo date.

Grand Theft Auto 5, or GTA V , was delivered to some people who pre-ordered the game online from Amazon.

Nobody is particularly sure how the game was released early, or why. Midnight releases have been a big thing in the past, with people lining up (or camping) outside stores to get their hands on the hard copies of games.

The BBC reports that Amazon says it is investigating what caused the game to leak out to a select few people before the official release.

Meanwhile, the game's developers, Rockstar North, are yet to issue a comment.

Now, spoilers of the game are popping up across social networks and on Reddit, potentially softening the energy around Tuesday's launch.

That hasn't stopped the game from getting some stellar reviews, considering how much energy and money has gone into producing the title.

According to Gamespot, Grand Theft Auto 5 may have cost almost $255 million to develop, and the game is expected to bring in more than $1.56 billion worth of sales, analysts predict.

To put things into perspective, Gran Turismo 5 cost about $60 million to produce.

But if the game is done, why delay the release? Should games still have a set release date?

- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets



Move over games, new Xbox One focuses on the big screen

Microsoft’s new Xbox One is billed as a gaming console. But the ability to play games seems incidental to many of the features – and hoopla – about the new device.

If you watched the unveiling closely on Tuesday, the tech company was keen to tout how well the Xbox One will work with your TV in the living room – whether you’re watching live sports or the latest episode of Mad Men.

Gamers, meanwhile, seem a little disappointed about some features.

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Eve Online TV series to feature your stories

Fancy being famous for 30 minutes? Well, if you play online space game Eve Online, now's your chance. The Icelandic company that bought us the Eve massively multiplayer game is about to make a TV series based on things that have happened to players in the make-believe intergalactic world.

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Cop turns his son in for fraud to avoid paying app fees

A cop turned his own son into the police because he wanted to avoid paying thousands of dollars of in app purchases.

According to a report, Const. Doug Crosson accused his 13-year-old son of fraud. This way, the 48-year-old would be let off the hook for a hefty credit card bill that was the result of in-game purchases.

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Why we must foster a female role in video games

How sexist is videogame culture? Canadian–American feminist and video blogger Anita Sarkeesian published the first in a series of Kickstarter-funded videos on the subject this month. Called Damsel in Distress: Tropes Versus Women, it looks at how women have been represented in videogame culture throughout the years.

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Montreal transit frags designer over amateur game map

Modern video game engines sometimes let you create your own user-generated content. But if one gamer's experience is anything to go by, you'll want to be careful what you design.

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Next Xbox won't let you play used games?

If you enjoy playing used or borrowed games on your gaming console – such as the Xbox 360 – prepare to pay all the time.

According to a gaming website, Microsoft's next iteration of the Xbox won't let you play borrowed or second-hand games.

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