Movie made from YouTube clips debuts at Sundance

While YouTube is full of viral videos and and other clips, there’s a highly-rated film that’s been made entirely out of videos posted to the website – and you can watch it online.

The film – Life in a Day – is a documentary directed by Oscar-winner Kevin Macdonald and produced by Ridley Scott.

To make it, they asked YouTube users to submit video on July 24, 2010. After pouring over 80,000 clips containing about 4,500 hours of footage, they’ve been able to make this movie about a single day of life on our planet, earth.

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Machinima comes of age with feature-length movie

French film maker Mathiew Weschler spent two years putting together a feature-length movie - made entirely inside Grand Theft Auto IV.

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Cineplex now offering online movie downloads

You can watch movies in their theatres, now you can download films to watch in your home from Canada’s biggest theatre chain.

Cinexplex is getting into an already crowded online video market with two different services that fall under its new Digital Download Service umbrella.

Users can buy a new-release movie using the Download to Own service (DTO) or rent a show using Video on Demand (VOD). Rentals cost as little as $2.99, while purchases are from $14.99.

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Flip steps ups its game as competition heats up

U32120_07large A couple of years ago, having a pocket-sized device that could record high definition video for a couple hundred dollars seemed pretty neat and unique. That’s what Flip offered, but now things have changed.

On many new cellphones (including the HTC 7 Surround I reviewed last week) you can record 720p video and share it online within seconds, making older Flip cameras about as unique as using a paddle with a canoe.

Now under new ownership (Cisco), the Flip model lineup has been completely revamped with several new features that have injected new life into the brand.


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Did a time traveler make it back to 1928?

So, is time travel real? That's the question now being raised thanks to the latest video to go viral, which purports to show someone using a cellphone–in 1928.

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Could Facebook movie ‘The Social Network’ change your view of the site?

If you think Mark Zuckerberg’s $100 million donation to the Newark school system is a sign of the Facebook founder being a nice guy, you might change your mind after seeing the portrayal of his character in The Social Network. Heck, you might even use his creation less often.

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Blu-Ray's problem isn't the HDCP crack


It's been a tough couple of weeks for those wanting to sell and rent disk-based high-definition movies - but it isn't because some spoilsport decided to post the secret security key used to encrypt the stuff last week.

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US keeps Canada on the copyright axis of evil

How does it feel to be public enemy number one? Or, at least, one of eleven? Because when it comes to copyright, that is just how the United States sees us. The Special 301 List, put together by the US Trade Representative, is a list of the countries that the US says are not respecting international intellectual property laws - pirates, if you will, on the digital seas. Not only is Canada on the list, but it's on what the report calls a Priority Watchlist, which is like the axis of evil, but for BitTorrent filesharing.

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Resurrecting our old movies - in 3D

So, it looks as if Avatar is now set to be the highest-grossing film of all time. According to the Hollywood Reporter, it fell just $2m shy of Titanic's $1.843 billion record after this weekend, guaranteeing it place in the history books. The biggest news, of course, is that Avatar is a 3D movie.

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A tiny gadget that delivers one big picture

Cinemin-swivel-c Look up, way up. Now kick back and relax...

In case you missed our feature on great gadgets for the bedroom, here's another recommended one to consider.

iPhone lovers need not squint to watch videos on its small 3.5-inch display – that is, if you've got the WowWee Cinemin Swivel ($350;

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