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US movie studio targets Canadian file sharer details

A US movie studio is trying to get hold of thousands of Canadians' personal details, in a copyright crackdown. 

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Pirate Bay under attack - but who did it?

The world of illegal bit torrent file sharing took a hit this week and file sharers and sites came under direct attack. The Pirate Bay – one of the biggest directories of bit torrent files – suffered an hacking attack that bought it down for 24 hours.

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Autonomous file-sharing sky drones ahoy!

Those wacky pirates are reportedly at it again. Remember Raspberry Pi, the cheap, light Linux computer that we wrote about a few weeks back? Infamous filesharing activist group the Pirate Bay has announced that it plans to put computers like these onto autonomous flying vehicles that will hover kilometres up in the air. The idea is that they will be able to share files by communicating with numerous radio ground stations, making it even more difficult for the authorities to take out The Pirate Bay's server infrastructure.

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Internet speeds just peachy, says traffic throttling Canadian telco

How fast is your Internet connection? According to a report released today, Canada's Internet connectivity is among the fastest and cheapest in the world. There's just one problem: the report was sponsored by Canada's biggest telco.

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Are fewer DVD sales killing the movie industry?

Diminishing sales of DVDs, once the film industry’s most important revenue stream, and a lack of online sales is hurting Hollywood.

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New uTorrent adds streaming, social features

Those who enjoy file sharing using the BitTorrent platform may want to upgrade to the latest version of the most popular torrent client – uTorrent 3.0 has just launched.

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Danny BradburyDanny Bradbury

Danny Bradbury is a technology journalist with 20 years' experience. He writes regularly for publications including the Guardian, the Financial Times, the Financial Post, and Backbone magazine. Danny also writes and directs documentaries.

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