Facebook, texting hurts the grades of female students

Stalking friends on Facebook and sending several texts to friends is bad for the grades of female college and university students, a study has found.

Research by the Miriam Hospital's Centers for Behavioural and Preventive Medicine in Providence, R.I. suggests “widespread use of media” by students in college is hurting their academics.

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It’s official: Printed encyclopedias are dead

The Internet has driven another spike into the coffin for encyclopedias after one of the world’s oldest academic sources decided to stop the presses.

After a 244-year run, Encyclopaedia Britannica has decided to stop producing printed editions.

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Texting is bad for your brain: University of Calgary study

People who write and receive a lot of text messages are hurting their ability to learn new words and communicate, a University of Calgary study has found.

Researchers studied the effect text messages had on student’s linguistic abilities, and found those who often use their thumbs and a keypad to send short messages had a tougher time “accepting” new words, compared to those who don’t.

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Groupon discounts now available for university tuition

Forget discounted cupcakes, hair removal and yoga classes – Groupon is now offering discounts on university tuition.

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An MBA, the Facebook way?

Facebook_Mba2 Usually when you think of a hard-working student spending too much time on Facebook, you might imagine that they're slacking off.

Either that, or they're busy plugging away on their MBA.

Now, that would be a valid excuse because there's a school in England that's offering an MBA over the web. While that's nothing new, this one is earned specifically over Facebook.

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