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Living Social hacked

Anyone who has used LivingSocial for cheap daily deals should take some precautionary steps after the social savings site was hacked.

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Spam hits five-year low while phishing scams target Facebook

Fake_groupon_message_scamNoticing fewer emails in your inbox trying to sell Viagra, low-interest loans and payday advances? The Internet security experts at Kaspersky Lab say the amount of spam landing in our mailbox has hit a five-year low.

The Spam Evolution 2012 report from Kaspersky suggests the drop in spam is due to the widespread use of spam filters by pretty much everyone, whether it's built in to Gmail or running on software on someone's computer.

But while the volume of unwanted junk mail is down, spammers are getting more creative to get you to read their messages. And they're also using sites like Facebook.

While spammers used to send emails pretending to be from your web host or IT department asking for your login details, they're finding new ways to grab your attention.

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Site offers to unsubscribe you from daily deal emails

Unsubscribe_dealsSometimes, I think they should call daily deals ‘daily annoyances.’

At first, I subscribed to one daily deals site because I had a momentary lapse in judgement. Then, the emails never stopped.

Every morning I, like many of you, receive an assortment of emails offering me discounts on everything from botox to laser hair removal to a round of golf.

A purchase was made on that last deal, a mistake as large as the cloud surrounding Tiger Woods’ reputation. More on that later.

Bottom line, these emails need to stop. Fortunately, I’ve come across Unsubscribe Deals.

The site asks for your email address and pledges to stop you from receiving emails from daily deal websites like Living Social and Groupon.

Brampton_golf_courseAfter entering your email address, select the sites you want to stop receiving deals from. Then, Unsubscribe Deals will work to remove you from the respective service’s mailing list.

If, for some reason, you want to Woot!, you can leave them unchecked from the list of services you never want to hear from them again.

You’ll also be able to sign up for ‘personalized’ deals, which I suggest you avoid doing to prevent yourself from making another daily deal mistake.

Which reminds me of the time I played golf on a course in which I could hardly tell the difference between a sand trap and the green. What do you expect for $18?

Have you had any bad experiences with daily deals? 

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- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets




Bad news keeps piling up for Groupon

Groupon – one of the biggest daily deals sites on the Internet – is increasingly finding itself in hot water.

Just last week, the company’s Dubai-based operations were targeted by authorities due to overwhelming complaints.

Now, Groupon is in trouble on the stock market, with its shares dropping in price like a Groupon deal itself.

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New daily deal site to specialize in plastic surgery

If you’re looking for a group buying website offering deals that change more than the brightness of your smile or colour of your nails, a new website might be able to help you out. is launching with a focus on cosmetic surgery, apparently offering specials on everything from breast implants to liposuction.

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Americans turning to daily deal sites for healthcare

Americans without sufficient health care coverage are turning to daily deal sites like Groupon or Living Social to get discounts on everything from dental cleaning to laser eye surgery.

U.S. citizens – who aren’t as lucky as Canucks with universal healthcare – are using these group deal websites to provide essential health services at a fraction of the cost.

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Are daily deals good for us?

Are daily deals really good for us?

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