Olympus launches new Stylus Tough cameras at CES

TG-830_BLU_LEFTSkiers and snowboarders hitting the slopes this season might want to pay special attention to a couple new cameras launched by Olympus at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Two new models – the Stylus TG-830 iHS and the Styuls TG-630 iHS – made their debut in Las Vegas.

Obviously, these cameras are designed to take great shots with above-average 16-megapixel back-side illuminated CMOS sensors and their latest TruPic VI image processors.

But it's what's wrapping all that technology that makes these cameras stand out.

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Will the 'Utlrabook' replace notebooks and tablets?

Intel is reportedly going to push a new type of computer that will slot in between being a netbook and a tablet computer. The question is - will anyone make it? And will you buy it?

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Evoke Flow a sound choice in internet radio players

Internet radio is an easy sell for people tired of local radio options and unwilling to fork out for Sirius/XM. All it requires is a computer and an internet connection - and you're good to go.Evoke-flow

As this genre has evolved, people have grown weary of the limitations of a stationary desktop and the inconvenience of a power-draining laptop. As a result, demand for simple internet radio players has grown.

The latest in a range of products that has already brought us the Logitech Squeezebox and the Apple iPod Touch is the Evoke Flow.

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Philips goLite BLU a key to a good night's sleep?

GoLITE I’ve recently begun using the Phillips goLite Blu to fight a persistent bout of insomnia.

A few months ago, when the sleeping troubles were at their worst and the January days passed in a blur of twilight drives to and from work and grey skies in between, I hit rock bottom (actually, I fell down the stairs when heavily fatigued and missed a step). This prompted me to step up my efforts to sleep and go beyond the prescription sleeping pills that were having absolutely no effect.

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A big step forward for ski masks

Goggles Let me begin by getting something off my chest: I'm an avid snowboarder and skier. I love both sports, and have been seeking a way to share my experiences with those who:

a) Can’t make the trip.
b) Don’t have the skillset to take on the more challenging terrain.
c) Don’t really see skiing/snowboarding as 'fun'.
d) Would never make it on a run with me (that means you, grandma).

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CES: Bob Marley moves crowds in Las Vegas

Houseofmarley_Freedom-299-Dock_01 To be clear, reggae legend Bob Marley has not been brought back to life at the Consumer Electronics Show. But his music and ideals have certainly been turning heads.

Getting seen is a struggle for many exhibitors drowned out by the latest 3D TVs and tablets here at the show. Some resort to celebrity appearances, scantily-clad models and even a bogus Lady Gaga seen yesterday, so imagine how shocked I was to come across a wooden shack off to the side blasting Bob Marley jams. I was intrigued.

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CES: Will runners embrace Nike + SportWatch GPS?

Nike_Sportwatch Shoe giant Nike has had a remarkable run with the Nike + iPod product line – and they’ve upped the ante with the debut of the Nike + SportWatch GPS at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show here in Las Vegas.

Launched in 2006 in conjunction with its website, it was one of the first products to realize the potential of iPod peripherals, allowing runners to track pace, time and distance all while enjoying music on their iPod devices.

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CES: New cameras offer dog’s eye view

Midland One thing that goes under-reported at the Consumer Electronics Show here in Las Vegas is the sheer volume of exhibitors. For every Sony and Samsung, there’s a thousand smaller firms struggling to be seen. Most visitors develop the ability to tune out these smaller guys pretty quickly.

However, I couldn’t tune out this banner: “The wearable action camera.” What?

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CES: Tablets, PCs or e-Readers? How about all of them!

Xoom Apple, which sold over seven million iPads through September of last year, is expected to sell 28 million of the coveted devices in 2011, up from an estimated 22 million.

The technology darling created a market that wasn’t there a year ago, which put their competitors in a position of playing catch-up. But if there’s a takeaway from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, it’s this: the tablet market will heat up significantly in 2011.

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CES: Phones got smarter, so did TVs

CES-Samsung A question has been plaguing me at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas: with so many options now available, what are TV buyers supposed to do?

The big buzz item this year – and last year – has been 3D TVs. While there have been some whispers that this might just be a trend, there’s no doubt that the way we consume television is changing.

So I went looking for some answers.

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