New cellphone concept lets you swap out, customize components

PhoneblokSick of having to get a new phone when just the motherboard blows? Or perhaps you just need a new screen after the device tumbled down to the ground?

With desktop Pcs you could easily swap out the part that was broken, such as the hard drive or the processor. But with smartphones (and tablets too), that really isn't an option.

But a designer from Holland is trying to change that, with this new concept that would have us buying modular Lego-like cellphones.

And the idea is brilliant.

Phonebloks is a concept by a Dutch designer that splits up all the parts of your phone into blocks that can be easily swapped out whenever the need arises.

The idea also means you can pick and choose which blocks are part of your phone.

So, if you like taking great photos, you would buy the best camera module out there, and perhaps buy a less expensive processor. Or, if you like to keep lots of music on your phone, you could buy a big memory module and skimp on the camera.

And all of the different blocks connect together through a central board, held together with only two screws. Sounds super simple.

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Recap of Apple's 2013 iPhone event

Join our reporters and editors as they report live from Cupertino, New York City, and beyond during Apple's next product announcement on September 10, 2013. Will Apple unveil an iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C? New iPads? Updated iMacs? Apple TV hardware? Or will Apple turn up the dial on iTunes Radio? Tune in with us. 


Texas city ponders cellphone tax

One U.S. city doesn't seem to think people pay enough on their cellphone bills – or maybe it's the other way around.

Since so many people are getting rid of their traditional landlines and just having a cellphone as their main phone, El Paso, TX, is having a tough time collecting enough money to pay for operations at its 911 call centre.

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Texting driver slams convertible into manure

If you needed to hear another reason why texting and driving is bad, look no further than this news story from Wisconsin.

Police say a distracted driver smashed his car into a farm tractor carrying manure.

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Using your smartphone could be bad for your brain

People’s obsession with the Internet and the tech devices that keep them connected is leading to a rise in cases of ‘digital dementia.’

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Special pint glass prevents you from using a cell phone at the bar

Offline_glassNext time you’re at a bar or a restaurant, take a look around and count how many people are actually talking one-on-one with others at their table. The distraction of cell phones is ominous.

Chances are, many people will have their phones out on the table. And there’s an even better chance the people out to catch up with friends are constant checking their phones for texts and emails from others.

Sometimes, you might even want to reach across the table to snap up the phone from someone who thinks their digital life is more important than yours.

So what can you do to have quality time with others over a pint of beer? One bar in Brazil has the answer.

It has created the “Offline Glass,” which can only stand upright if it’s placed on top of a cell phone.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 launch: Watch the show in full

Keep it locked here for a live stream of UNPACKED -- the launch of Samsung's new Galaxy S4 device.



A BlackBerry addict's review of a Windows phone

By Emma Waverman

The satisfying click when my thumbs hits the buttons gives me an endorphin rush each and every time. My name is Emma and I am a keyboard addict.

We’ve been enmeshed for almost a decade. There was a time that I couldn’t imagine living without my BlackBerry, but lately I have been missing out on some of the fun extras of the newer smartphones — like a good camera. So when Microsoft gave me an opportunity to try out the Nokia Lumia Windows 8 phone for a month, I eagerly, cautiously said yes.

I am a fairly average phone user — I use it for searching, email, Twitter and as an actual phone (yes, I’m a “voice’ dinosaur) as well as for kid distraction purposes.

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Ditching your voice contract: The payoff

Last week I told you how to escape from your mobile voice contract by using a data-only phone contract and a VoIP service, simplifying your life and lowering your costs. So, exactly how did I do it, and how did it work out?

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How to ditch your voice contract: Part 2

Yesterday I talked about reasons for ditching your voice contract. Today, I'm going to explain how I did it, and saved some money and headaches into the bargain.

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