Loudspeaker art debuts at the Art Gallery of Ontario

Canadian multimedia artist Janet Cardiff has brought her 'audio-based installation' to the Art Gallery of Ontario until August 18. On loan from the permanent collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art, 'The Forty-Part Motet' depends on 40 classic Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers for its engaging experience.
No fewer than 40 B&W two-way speakers were used in the exhibit, which was originally recorded to 40 channels at Salisbury Cathedral in the U.K. Cardiff's work is a re-imagining of Tallis' motet 'Spem in Alium' (Hope in Other), which was composed around the year 1573.

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Parrot bringing Android-based car stereos to Canada

Photo (3)Parrot, a company largely unheard of in Canada, is bringing Android-based car stereo systems to this country.

But these aren't just typical stereo systems in your Ford Focus, or the ones teens are sticking in souped-up Honda Civics - they're full-fledged in-car entertainment units that do everything from playing music to creeping friends on Facebook.

Yup. The latter feature, however, can only be done when the car is in park.

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New Sonos Playbar cuts the cords, not the sound, for home theatres

RF12072SON-BMA_LivingRmSub_V2I hope my fiance doesn't read this post.

Guys like me who enjoy their home theatre systems have had to battle it out with their significant others for space – and money – to put a plethora of speakers and wiring in their living rooms for an ear-pleasing home theatre.

That's because most TV sets ship with crummy stereo speakers that were just good enough to produce noise that matches what you're watching. A home theatre, by comparison, produces sound, music and a Hi-Fi pleasure.

Some companies offer all-in-one solutions known as sound bars. These devices simulate a surround experience from a thin row of speakers crammed in a bar that usually sits under the TV. Space-saving, yes, but none have blown me away.

So I was skeptical when Sonos called me out to experience their new wireless home theatre solution – a sound bar called the Playbar.

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Review: Pioneer XW-SMA1

XW-SMA1-K_L2@120508@LHaving a gazillion songs on your phone is great, but it’s not always easy to play your music back on speakers.

Yeah, there’s sound systems with dedicated Apple docks – but that only works if you have an iPhone 4S or older – and all those accessories are outdated with the new interface on the iPhone 5.

And if you don’t have an iPhone, you’re out of luck.

With the new Pioneer XW-SMA1, however, you’re virtually guaranteed a way to get your music to play on this device, either wirelessly or with a traditional wired connection.

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Bowers & Wilkins P3 headphones offer great sound with a vintage feel

P3_image_03In the last few years the mobile headphone market has seen a rise in the development of higher performance headphones. People have begun looking beyond out-of-the-box earphones that accompany their mobile devices for better quality equipment.   The P3 by Bowers & Wilkins are a new addition -- the third design by B&W -- that are offered around the $200.00 price range.
The most notable feature about B&W`s P3 lies in its design. A sleek and elegant look with a vintage feel, the P3 headphones have a less obnoxious appearance when compared to other headphones such as Beats by Dr. Dre.   The headband is a combination of light-weight aluminum, flexible rubber, and fabric that provides right level of durability and comfort. The ear-pads are designed with heat sensitive memory-foam that is fitted tightly with a custom-made acoustic fabric. While the ear-pads feel cozy on the ear, their snug fit can cause your ears to warm and moisten when listening for lengthy periods.

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Toronto-based firm offers limitless audiobook streaming

Do you like audio books? Check this out: a new service based in Toronto, is providing as many streaming audiobooks as you can listen to for a regular payment.

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B.C.’s fake iPad mystery deepens

The fake iPad 2 scam emerging in British Columbia appears to be growing, with more customers finding themselves in possession of fake tablets that were sold at major retailers.

Now, reports are also suggesting the scammers hired mules to go to the dirty work for them.

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iTunes Match finally rolled out in Canada

A service that lets iTunes ‘match’ practically all the songs in your library with high-quality files is now available to Canadians, a few weeks after our friends south of the border had access to it.

iTunes Match works by scanning the music library on your computer for equivalent, or ‘matching’ songs from Apple’s music store.

After the songs are matched, you can download the high-quality 256 kbps DRM-free versions of your song if the same thing is found in the iTunes store. If not, your song will be uploaded to their servers and available for you to play later.

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Review: Pioneer’s Air Tap lures in tech heads

Pioneer_airtapWhile there are a plethora of iPod/iPhone docks available on the market, few offer as many options for tech enthusiasts as the new Air Tap lineup from Pioneer.

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AKG's Q460 headphones are Quincy Jones approved

When AKG jumped into the world of celebrity promoted high performance headphones they opted to look past their vast stable of today’s hottest DJ’s and producers and instead looked to one of their oldest champions and one of the biggest names in the history of popular music; Quincy Jones. While the 77 year old hasn’t produced an album since Michael Jackson’s Bad, his name still resonates as one of the greatest musical minds of a generation.

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