Next iPhone to have bigger screen: report

If you were expecting a larger screen on the iPhone 5S, the next phone from Apple might make you a little happier.

Reports suggest the tech giant is working on new iPhones that feature larger – and curved – screens.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is reportedly working on an a 4.7-inch screen iPhone and a larger 5.5-inch screen iPhone.

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The big news from Apple's iPad announcement: free software

IpadDuring Apple's big announcement this week, the company announced something new that really put them ahead of the competition.

It wasn't the fact that the new iPad Air will weigh 1 pound.

Neither was it the fact that the new iPad Mini will feature a Retina Display.

Apple's big announcement was notable because of all the free software they're going to make available.

I love free software. Especially good free software.

You see, There are hundreds and thousands of apps out there, but only a few really good useful apps exist.

And these apps get downloaded as often as people seem to be subscribing to Netflix these days. Which is to say, quite often.

But really good apps, such as iPhoto and Garage Band, cost money. Such as around $20, until now. Starting today, they're free on new devices.

Apple says iWork and iLife have both been redesigned for the new look of iOS 7, and to take advantage of the new operating system for its laptops and desktops, OS X Mavericks.

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Apple bringing iTunes Radio to Canada, launching new iPad?

IpadNew reports suggest Apple may be set to unveil a new iPad in late October, and it could bring iTunes Radio to Canada.

So far, only our neighbours to the south in the United States have been able to enjoy iTunes Radio, a streaming music service much like Songza.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Canadians will gain access to iTunes Radio in early 2014.

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Is wearable tech the future? What it's like to use the Samsung Galaxy Gear, Note 3

20130926_195358If the mammoth-sized Samsung Galaxy Mega is a tad to big, but the HTC One is a pinch too small, what smartphone should you be using?

And then on the tiny scale, one can't help but wonder if, amongst all the gadgets we carry around, if a watch is really relevant.

After all, we don't need to have the time on our wrists. We could just look up the time on our smartphone, right? 

No, smartwatches are coming. And they're going to make our connected lives a whole lot more connected - and stylish. 

Samsung is launching the Galaxy Gear as the company's first major foray into wearable technology, just as Google has pushed ahead with the Google Glass wearable glasses.

Gear is a sleek, stylish watch that features a metal frame with colourful wristbands. There's a microphone at the bottom that you can speak into like James Bond, and the Gear's smart voice control will do ask you ask.

The gorgeous smartwatch syncs with your phone over Bluetooth, and it's super simple to set up the very first time with a tap of the NFC cradle.

On the watch, you can receive email and social media alerts in real time.

You can also use the watch to inconspicuously snap photos using the built-in camera in the wristband - though that is a little creepy. The images are transferred almost instantly to a smartphone.

The app selection is a little basic, however. And just as Samsung went big with the Note 3, a larger screen on the Gear could have been a little better.

Do you think smartwatches are going to be the next big thing?

- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets



Facebook, Twitter users fall for fake Apple ad claiming iOS 7 makes an iPhone waterproof

IOS_7_waterproofA very fake but very convincing-looking Apple ad suggests that upgrading to the tech giant's latest mobile operating system turns phones and tablets into submersible devices.

That is anything far from the truth, however. 

While the software will make your iPhone or iPad feel like an entirely new device, it can't possibly seal off the headphone jack, lighting connector and speaker holes.

That, unfortunately, hasn't stopped countless people from dipping their Apple phones and tablets in water to test out the claims, only to turn their iPhones into iBricks.

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Recap of Apple's 2013 iPhone event

Join our reporters and editors as they report live from Cupertino, New York City, and beyond during Apple's next product announcement on September 10, 2013. Will Apple unveil an iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C? New iPads? Updated iMacs? Apple TV hardware? Or will Apple turn up the dial on iTunes Radio? Tune in with us. 


Hamilton, Ont. company creates gadget to keep Apple earbuds in your ear

Sprngclip800While Apple’s standard earpod headphones that come with its new iPhones and iPods blend with the design of other Apple devices, they’re not exactly the most functional.

When I go for a run with them, they slip out after the first 20 metres. So I stopped using them, as have many others with the same problem.

An invention from a Hamilton, Ont. based company seems to have found a solution, however.

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New app can track how good you are at sex

SpreadsheetsA new app claims it can keep track of how you and your partner are between the sheets, putting an element of gamification into the mix of measuring your sex life.

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New iPhone coming September 10?

If you’ve been wondering when the next iPhone will be announced, there’s a new report out suggesting it may be revealed in early September.

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