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Nokia's extreme 41-megapixel zoom camera with phone

Nokia_Lumia_1020_41_megapixel_image_sensorCellphone company Nokia unveiled a new camera that also works as a phone.

You might be thinking that this concept already exists – phones have cameras. You can take quite good pictures with your smartphone, without needing a camera.


But Nokia has taken things to the extreme with the new Lumia 1020.

An intense 41-megapixel image sensor has been attached to the device. By comparison, the Canon 5D Mark III pro DSLR camera has a measly 22.3-megapixel sensor.

The Lumia 1020 camera also has quite the lens, with razor-sharp  Zeiss optics.

There is no zooming, per se, but with a gazillion-megapixel image sensor and PureView technology, Nokia says people can use digital zoom to frame in their subjects without needing a real zoom.

It also has optical image stabilization to steady your shots and keep them sharper.

Oh, and this device is also a Windows 8 phone.

More on Tech:

Kidding aside, this is one of the coolest smartphones on the market. To be honest, Nokia has always made rock-solid phones with great cameras – a combination that no other company can deliver on - except with the HTC One.

The Lumia 1020 has a 4.5-inch screen on the back and the whole phone is powered by a 1.5-Ghz dual-core processor.

What was somewhat buried in the announcement was that Nokia said some great app such as Flipboard, Vine and Path will be available on the Windows Phone 8 platform.

Canadian pricing and availability is not yet available.

Is a good camera an important feature for a smartphone? Or is 41-megapixels overkill?

- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets



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