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Special pint glass prevents you from using a cell phone at the bar

Offline_glassNext time you’re at a bar or a restaurant, take a look around and count how many people are actually talking one-on-one with others at their table. The distraction of cell phones is ominous.

Chances are, many people will have their phones out on the table. And there’s an even better chance the people out to catch up with friends are constant checking their phones for texts and emails from others.

Sometimes, you might even want to reach across the table to snap up the phone from someone who thinks their digital life is more important than yours.

So what can you do to have quality time with others over a pint of beer? One bar in Brazil has the answer.

It has created the “Offline Glass,” which can only stand upright if it’s placed on top of a cell phone.

The bottom of this glass is notched so that it rests partially on a phone, and partially on the table top. Pull out the phone and the pint of beer tips over, flooding your phone with your alcoholic beverage of choice for the evening.

The “Offline Glass” was actually invented by folks at an advertising agency, Fischer & Friends for the Salve Jorge Bar in Sao Paolo.

I’m not sure who the “friends” are hanging out with Fischer, but their creation will have people spending more time talking to their friends in person, rather than over messages composed by their thumbs. 

Do you get annoyed when family and friends use their phones at bars and restaurants? Do you think the "Offline Glass" should be mass produced?

- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets





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