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Nokia launches music streaming service in Canada

20130516_C7305_PHOTO_EN_26767Canadians with Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 smartphones can finally get access to Nokia Music, a free streaming music service the company says stands out from the competition.

Does it? There’s a lot of competition out there.

I mean, turning on the radio is free – despite some commercial breaks that seem to go on for just a few minutes too long.

And then there’s Rdio – which charges you a small fee to stream music to your phone.

Another popular streaming service is Songza, but you can only skip ahead a few songs before you reach a limit. Plus, there are annoying ads (though it’s a wonderful free service).

But it seems Nokia Music is different.

Yes, you can stream music, but there’s a personal twist to it all.

Nokia says they have musicologists who compile and tailor more than 150 playlists based on what people like to listen to in different parts of the world, and these collections are songs that have been selected with human thought.

And should you want to skip over a song, the service will learn your preferences and customize the streams for you.

Streaming music and specialized playlists isn’t mind-blowing, so here’s where Nokia Music really sets itself apart.

If you want to stream your music on the road, but don’t want it to eat into your data plan, the app can download a playlist stream while you’re on a WiFi connection – letting you play the music without paying for excessive bandwidth.

Even if you have a healthy heaping of data bandwidth, this feature could help when you’re somewhere without service – perhaps in the subway, for example.

Then there’s features such as a Gig Finder that lets you search for performances by the artists and bands you like.

How do you get your music? Through physical discs at the store? Via iTunes? Or do you stream it?

- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets



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