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Malicious Android app can copy photos, listen to conversations

Android_malicious_softwareSecurity experts are warning of a new Android app that claims to clean and protect your phone, but will actually share your phone's photos and record your conversations.

The app, going by the names of DroidCleaner and SuperClean in the Google Play store, have raised red flags over at Kaspersky Lab.

In the app store, the app even has a fairly high rating of 4.5/5, along with several five-star ratings. For those users out there running older or slower (cheap) Android phones, this malicious app could seem like an easy way to speed things up.

In fact, Kaspersky Lab said in blog post that this piece of malware has the most “extensive feature set” they've ever found.

They say that this isn't the usual flavour of malicious Android apps, which are known for sending texts to your contacts and hijacking your mobile web browser.

These two apps get a little deeper into your digital life because they don't just infect your phone, but your computer too.

According to Kaspersky Lab, the app will copy all the data on your phone, such as pictures and text messages, and send it back to the app's creator.

That's not all, folks. Those who plug their phone into their computers to sync music will infect their PC.

The app has been found to also turn on the microphone of both your PC and smartphone and record everything that you say.

The fact that this app made it into the Google Play store highlights the risk that Android's open platform poses for the general public.

Android offers users freedom compared to Apple, but it also offers some risks. Is it worth it?

- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets



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