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Should you get the new BlackBerry Z10?

Photo (1)With the official launch of RIM, er, BlackBerry's new operating system, many people have been wondering whether they should get a phone running the new BB10 operating system.

The answer is yes. And no.

There's a lot to consider and the answer isn't a black and white one. But this should help you make a decision.

But first, know this: Forget about the Q10. The keyboard/touchscreen hybrid phone won't be available for at least a couple months, and really – you're short changing yourself with a small screen. There's a reason iPhones and Galaxy SIIIs sell like hotcakes, and it's not because either phone has a physical keypad.

Should you upgrade if...?

You have a BlackBerry phone sold before Feb. 5:

Yes. Stop reading this and place your order right now. Pay whatever the penalty is to get out of your contract and upgrade your device.

If your BlackBerry is anything but the new phone running BB10, and you like your BBM and handheld device security, then yes of course, you should definitely upgrade to the Z10.

There's a good chance you might not even think the BlackBerry World ecosystem is limited with more than 70,000 apps – more than any other mobile operating system at launch.

You probably don't really care about app selection either if you're still using a BlackBerry Bold, so it's not like you'll think the new BB10 app selection is small.

Sure, using a large 4.2-inch might seem overwhelming. But then again, the internal combustion engine was a significant upgrade from the horse-drawn carriage.

You have an Android phone...and don't like it:

If you don't like Android because everything is too open – from the apps to the layout to the fragmented hardware, then yes - consider it. 

BB10 is pretty consistent and predictable once you get the hang of it (and get over a 15-minute learning curve).

But if you're running a cheapo $0 Android phone and don't use Gmail, don't throw in the towel yet. Get a fast, slick phone – perhaps the LG Optimus G or Nexus 4 – and enjoy everything that Google has to offer. And the iPhone is a good option too.

Photo (2)
Peek lets you peer into your Hub without leaving an app - a highlight of BB10.
You have an Android phone, and you're happy with it:


One thing that Google does really well is keep everything in the cloud – and BB10 is missing out on that. While some will argue that there are privacy issues with using services like Google Maps and Gmail, life is easier with the help of Android. Stick with it.

You're a business type who has an iPhone and just use it for Angry Birds, email and Facebook.

I'm talking about the users who ditched their old BlackBerry for something they could get apps on, except they don't really make use of the iPhone's full potential. This is the equivalent of buying a Land Rover only to drive it through stop-and-go traffic to work.

Don't ditch your Apple phone for the Z10 – but consider it if you had a BlackBerry before.

BlackBerry Hub is a great one-stop spot for organizing your email, social media and calendar updates.

You have an iPhone with more than two screens of apps:

There's a reason you have an Apple iPhone – and that's because you just want everything to work. And speaking of work, you're not all about it. You want to have fun too.

While there is a selection of apps available for the BB10 ecosystem, it's just hitting puberty.

With hundreds of thousands of apps, the Apple App Store has a buffet of offerings – and many of those apps have hit maturity.

Sure, the screen isn't the biggest, but you can snap awesome low-light photos with a camera that has the same number of megapixels as both the Z10 and the Galaxy SIII – 8.

The iPhone 5 is still at the front of the race, but the Z10 puts BlackBerry on the track.  

Are you impressed by the BlackBerry Z10 running BB10?

- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets



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