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CRA Fires Employee Over Satirical Game

Call centre workers at the Canadian Revenue Agency may have a sense of humour, but their bosses certainly don't. David S Gallant, a lowly cog in the vast bureaucratic machine that processes your tax dollars, was just fired after creating a Windows game highlighting just how bad his job really is.

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Should you get the new BlackBerry Z10?

Photo (1)With the official launch of RIM, er, BlackBerry's new operating system, many people have been wondering whether they should get a phone running the new BB10 operating system.

The answer is yes. And no.

There's a lot to consider and the answer isn't a black and white one. But this should help you make a decision.

But first, know this: Forget about the Q10. The keyboard/touchscreen hybrid phone won't be available for at least a couple months, and really – you're short changing yourself with a small screen. There's a reason iPhones and Galaxy SIIIs sell like hotcakes, and it's not because either phone has a physical keypad.

Should you upgrade if...?

You have a BlackBerry phone sold before Feb. 5:

Yes. Stop reading this and place your order right now. Pay whatever the penalty is to get out of your contract and upgrade your device.

If your BlackBerry is anything but the new phone running BB10, and you like your BBM and handheld device security, then yes of course, you should definitely upgrade to the Z10.

There's a good chance you might not even think the BlackBerry World ecosystem is limited with more than 70,000 apps – more than any other mobile operating system at launch.

You probably don't really care about app selection either if you're still using a BlackBerry Bold, so it's not like you'll think the new BB10 app selection is small.

Sure, using a large 4.2-inch might seem overwhelming. But then again, the internal combustion engine was a significant upgrade from the horse-drawn carriage.

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With new software and gear, Blackberry plays catch-up, and no more

Today's the day: RIM unveiled the first phones running its new Blackberry operating system, BB10. It also rebranded itself as Blackberry. Will it be enough to save the company, though?

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Apple launches 128 GB iPad

The rumours came true - almost a little too quickly. 

Apple announced Tuesday that it's launching a 128 GB model of the fourth-generation iPad.

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PC sales sink at record rates in Canada

Sales of personal computers are sinking around the world as more people turn to tablets for their large-screen digital needs.

But according to new numbers, sales of PCs in Canada slipped the most in the world.

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A BlackBerry addict's review of a Windows phone

By Emma Waverman

The satisfying click when my thumbs hits the buttons gives me an endorphin rush each and every time. My name is Emma and I am a keyboard addict.

We’ve been enmeshed for almost a decade. There was a time that I couldn’t imagine living without my BlackBerry, but lately I have been missing out on some of the fun extras of the newer smartphones — like a good camera. So when Microsoft gave me an opportunity to try out the Nokia Lumia Windows 8 phone for a month, I eagerly, cautiously said yes.

I am a fairly average phone user — I use it for searching, email, Twitter and as an actual phone (yes, I’m a “voice’ dinosaur) as well as for kid distraction purposes.

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Twitter launches iOS video sharing app Vine

Vine_iPhone_appOne of the world’s largest social networks has launched a video sharing app exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Vine – from Twitter – appears to compete with the array of video-only sharing apps landing on the market.

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Idiots online immune to truth, say experts

Remember that annoying person you argue with online? The one who won't listen to you regardless of how much factual information you calmly present them with? The one who still thinks that Iraq launched the world trade centre attacks, or that Sandy Hook was all a hoax? Well, it turns out that throwing good, honest facts at them isn't going to work. So says a new study by researchers at Ohio State.

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This is awkward: Tumblr exposes creepy (real) Facebook Graph Search results

Married_people_prostitutesWorried about what kinds of things Facebook Graph Search will dig up? Look no further than the Tumblr account called “Actual Facebook Graph Searches.”

The blog collects screenshots of some of the most bizarre search results you can get using the ill-named search tool.

Tom Scott, the creator, says he compiled the search results to show just how ridiculous the search results can be.

He doesn't just post screen shots of just any search results – he goes for “amusingly contradictory things.”

As you can tell by some of the images posted below, he nails the essence of it exactly.

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Student expelled after hacking into school system lands IT security job

A Montreal Dawson College student who was booted from class after he found a bug in the school's web portal has received a job offer from the very company that made the vulnerable software.

The school accused Hamad Al-Khabaz of launching a cyber attack after he found a vulnerability that could expose the personal information of students, such as their grades, student IDs and social insurance numbers.

Being a good student, the 20-year-old told the school about the glitch. Then, he found other problems and was eventually expelled back on Nov. 14.

Now, reports say the expelled student has been offered a job doing what he did best while in school – exposing security holes in software.

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