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Apple isn’t cool anymore: teens

Apple has been in the news lately, and not necessarily because it’s selling new and vastly innovative products. And now the results of a new survey suggest Apple’s cool factor is fading.

Actually, it seems as though the company is making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

A report in the Wall Street Journal tossed cold water on Apple’s hot stock price by suggesting that the tech giant was cutting orders for parts used in its iPhones due to less demand for the device.

Sources told the WSJ that orders for the screens that go in the latest iPhone declined to about half what they had planned for, although at least one analyst says that wasn’t reason to panick.

Wall Street is taking notice, however. Apple’s stock price has dropped by 28 per cent since it hit a high of $702.10 back in February 2012.

And now the ultimate barometer of what’s cool is turning on Apple.

Research from the Buzz Marketing Group suggests teens don’t think Apple is cool anymore. Instead, they have their eyes on Samsung’s Galaxy SIII and the Microsoft Surface tablet.

Picked your jaw off the floor? Continue reading...

According to the results reported by Forbes, too many grown-ups have an iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices.

And when you’re using the same phone as mom and dad, you’re about as uncool as you can get, it seems.

It’s not just the adult factor. For teens on an allowance, the iPhone 5 is pricey, and really doesn’t have as many braggable features as the Galaxy S III.

After spending thanksgiving surrounded by a people several years younger than me, the extra screen real estate offered by the S3 is undeniably lucrative for teens and tweens trying to outshine their friends’ phones. They also like the open Android ecosystem, albeit there are security risks

Not surprisingly, the Forbes report was light on details about why the Microsoft Surface scored higher than Apple’s offerings. While the commercials are cool (and the tablet is durable), the Windows RT operating system doesn’t shine like Windows 8.

Do you think Apple has lost it’s shine? 

- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets



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