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December 2012


And the most popular location to Instagram a photo is...

Most_popular_Instagram_locationsThe world's largest photo-centric social media platform has released a list of the most popular places in the world to post a photo in 2012.

So, where in the world do most photos get posted from? You'd be surprised.

No, it's not Times Square in New York City. Nor was it the site of the Closing Ceremony from this summer's Olympic Games (though the Spice Girls concert got a lot of people Tweeting).

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Tips to keep your stuff safe this holiday season

Anyone with a stash of gadgets and other gifts in their homes during this time of year may want to heed some expert advice to make sure their stuff stays safe.

Unfortunately, the holiday season between Christmas and New Year's is ripe for crime. Thieves know people aren't home as it's common to visit family and friends, making homes vulnerable to crime.

And if you think having a lock on your home's front door is enough – that's not the case anymore. According to a report in the Globe and Mail, the bad guys are getting high tech these days.

In one case, a thief cut through the roof to rob a home. Other thieves are as acrobatic as circus performers, jumping between rooftops with loot.

Where does the tech come in? When thieves monitor social media to decide who – and when – to strike.

Out of town? While it's nice to brag you're on the beach soaking up the sun like a pasty Canadian avoiding the cold, don't. An Instagram or Facebook photo from the land of sand and sun could tip off thieves that you're away – and your gadgets are sitting idle at home waiting for an unwelcome visitor.

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Toyota to put wireless phone chargers in cars

Toyota is going to have a feature in one of its new models that will let you wirelessly charge your phone while you drive.

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Elite Developer Races to Revive Computing Classic

Back in 1984, A small British company called Acorn launched a computer game called Elite. Now, the original creators of the game want to bring it back, better than ever. They've launched a campaign on the crowd funding site Kickstarter, but they only have  a couple of weeks left to raise the money. It's a race against time to resurrect a computing classic.

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Don't expect all Canadians to improve bad habits with phones: study

Nokia New Year's Resolutions.FINALSleep with your phone under the pillow? Text your friends during dinner? It might be time to put that bad habit behind you.

A new study suggests some Canadians are aiming to fix bad habits they have with their tech gadgets in the new year.

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Instagram backtracks on change that could let them sell your photos

National_geograpic_instagramInstagram is backstroking out of stormy waters after it botched a proposed change to its privacy policy and terms of service.

Users were outraged earlier this week after the photo sharing service – recently acquired by Facebook – gave users a heads up about major changes.

Instagram's very wordy terms of service seemed like the company could soon sub-license and sell photos, and use the images in advertising.

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Facebook could make you fat and poor: study

All that time spent stalking your friends on Facebook isn’t just creepy, it might also be making you fat and poor, according to a new study.

Researchers at Columbia University and the University of Pittsburgh analyzed the behaviour of Facebook users.

For starters, what they found was that people got a positive uptick in self esteem and well-being after getting updates and sharing content with friends on Facebook.

But, according to the results of the research - previewed by Forbes - there could be a negative effect after.

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Ditching your voice contract: The payoff

Last week I told you how to escape from your mobile voice contract by using a data-only phone contract and a VoIP service, simplifying your life and lowering your costs. So, exactly how did I do it, and how did it work out?

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How to ditch your voice contract: Part 2

Yesterday I talked about reasons for ditching your voice contract. Today, I'm going to explain how I did it, and saved some money and headaches into the bargain.

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Facebook updates Android app built for speed

New_facebook_for_android_app_121214Facebook has rolled out a much-anticipated update for their Android app – which is their best attempt at an app for Google's mobile phone system yet.

The first thing you’ll notice after booting up is how much faster the entire news feed loads.

There’s no more waiting for the circular progress wheel to spin while the app pulls in the latest status updates, check-ins and selfie photos from your friends. It seems to load almost instantly.

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