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November 2012


Coming soon: a camera you can wear

Is it too obvious to take a photo while holding up something like a digital camera or a smartphone? Have you wanted to be more inconspicuous while snapping some shots?

A company out of Sweden has a solution: a camera you can wear. And as wild as that idea sounds, they’re actually one step closer to making the project a reality.

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Parents name newborn baby ‘hashtag’

Baby_hashtag_nameOK, this might be taking tech-inspired baby names too far. Way too far.

As at least one Twitter user has spotted, parents have named their newborn daughter “hashtag”  - apparently in honour of the Twitter term denoted by a number sign.

No, I’m not making this up. Reports suggest someone named their new baby girl after the popular social media term.

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Bing.ca releases 2012 search results: Honey Boo Boo tells Justin Bieber to “call her maybe”

According to Bing.ca searches, 2012 was a year of celebrity fascination, baby fever and heartbreak. Last year Canadians were “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” putting Kim Kardashian one up on homegrown sensation Justin Bieber. In 2012 Bieber came out on top, securing the most-searched celebrity spot. From the celebrity grind, to scandals and one hit wonders, Bing captured 2012 through the searches that mark the year’s most fascinating people, sensations and moments in time. 

To coincide with the release of  U.S. search results for Bing.com, here are top search results for Bing.ca based on Canadian queries. The results detail Canada’s top 10 most searched people, celebrity couples, viral videos and consumer electronics. 

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Siri, have you met Twine?

One of the latest gadgets to hit the streets is Twine, a small Wi-Fi enabled square that could change your life by monitoring it. It's one of a series of services encouraging us to automate our lives - and they're getting better at it.

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Saudi Arabia male 'guardians' receiving text message when women leave the country

Critics are crying foul after men in Saudi Arabia began receiving unwanted text messages about women’s international whereabouts.

In Saudi Arabia, every woman needs to have a male ‘guardian.’ The guardian is traditionally a woman’s father, husband or brother.

And since 2010, the government has had an opt-in program for these “guardians” to receive a text message whenever a woman, of whom they’re a guardian, leaves the country.

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Facebook asking employees to switch from iPhone to Android

Android_FacebookMost employees are happy if they could switch to using an Apple iPhone instead of a BlackBerry. Facebook, however, is taking a step further by asking its workers to switch to Android.

As it is right now, many corporations are switching from employee-hated BlackBerry phones to iPhones. Employees, managers and IT departments have realized that the iPhone will get the job done, even if there’s no clicky QWERTY keypad to thumb away at.

But it seems Facebook is a step ahead as it tries to get Android phones in the hands of its employees.

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Here's what cellphones looked like in 1987

Are you always chasing the latest, greatest phone? The iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and HTC Windows Phone 8X are among the most sought-after new devices, but what about the phones of yesteryear?

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U.S. Thanksgiving sets Instagram record

American Thanksgiving has smashed records over at photo sharing network Instagram.

According to a blog post from Instagram, they saw record-breaking traffic as users shared Thanksgiving-related photos with other users on the image-centric social network.

In total, 10 million Thanksgiving-related images were shared on Thursday.

Breaking it down throughout the day, about 200 Thanksgiving-related photos were being shared per second during peak hours. Instagram actually reached a max of 226 Thanksgiving photos per second at 12:40 p.m. Pacific (3:40 Eastern) as users shared photos with family and friends.

Previously, Instagram's most active moments were during superstorm Sandy.

According to Mashable, about 1.3 million Sandy-related photos were posted to Instagram on a specific day.

If you're still wondering what makes Instagram so popular, here's an explainer: It's a social network where users share square format photos. Not just any photos, but pictures that have had special artistic and photographic filters applied to them.

One benefit of Instagram is that the social network features only photo streams - so users can avoid all the other stuff they might find on friends' Facebook pages.

Oddly enough, Instagram is now actually owned by Facebook.

Don't have Facebook? Grab the app for Android or Apple devices.

Do you like Instagram? How do you share photos with family and friends?

- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets


Company seeks to create world’s first ‘smart bag’

OrganizedA company is using Kickstarter to raise funds for a new bag for gadget lovers that has the potential to offer liberation from carrying around a stash of chargers.

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Kids want an Apple device most this holiday season

Nielson_kids_wish_listWondering what little Johnny or Sally want under the Christmas tree this holiday season? Chances are it’s an Apple product.

According to research from Nielson, kids in the U.S. want an Apple gadget from Santa and his elves in the North Pole.

What exactly from Apple is it that they want? Pretty much anything, it appears.

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