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Facebook asking employees to switch from iPhone to Android

Android_FacebookMost employees are happy if they could switch to using an Apple iPhone instead of a BlackBerry. Facebook, however, is taking a step further by asking its workers to switch to Android.

As it is right now, many corporations are switching from employee-hated BlackBerry phones to iPhones. Employees, managers and IT departments have realized that the iPhone will get the job done, even if there’s no clicky QWERTY keypad to thumb away at.

But it seems Facebook is a step ahead as it tries to get Android phones in the hands of its employees.

According to TechCrunch, posters scattered around the social networks’ offices are prompting workers to “switch today” from an iPhone to an Android.

It’s all in a move to get employees to experience the lackluster Android app for themselves, years after Facebook adopted iPhones en masse to help staff grasp how their mobile sites and apps work on Apple’s popular smartphone.

One of the posters asks employees “do you droidfood?” A spin on dogfooding (eating your own stuff), which in this case actually means trying their own app.

Another poster shows a graph, detailing how the number of handsets sold with Android will outpace the number of iPHones.

The Android app, while not bad, is not good – especially when compared to the Facebook iPhone app.  

Which phone do you use and why?

- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets

Photo via TechCrunch



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