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July 2012


Goodbye Hotmail, hello Outlook.com

New_outlook_dot_com_old_hotmailMicrosoft is moving on from Hotmail, rebranding it as the new Outlook.com in an attempt to re-vamp the email service.

Launched Tuesday, Outlook.com appears to be going in bold direction, redirecting visitors from Hotmail.com to the new service.

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Facebook ‘improves’ photo tools

Facebook_galleryThe world’s largest social network has revamped its photo tools, giving users new and possibly different (annoying) ways of accessing and sharing your pictures.

Actually, the new photo section almost looks a little bit like the glamour-sharing social network Pinterest, with glossy, pretty images - at least Facebook’s sample image looks like it.

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Hands-on with the smartest thermostat ever: Nest

20120529_C3432_PHOTO_EN_14291Your home’s thermostat: it’s a beige box tucked away on some wall.

If it’s a traditional, manual one, it probably doesn’t see much action unless you’re feeling particularly warm or cold. It’s quite an unsophisticated device for something that sucks up about 64 per cent of your energy bills.

If you’re sporting a programmable unit – it’s probably not even programmed. According to studies, about 90 per cent of programmable thermostats are installed and then left without even programming the thing.

This new thermostat, the Nest, changes that. It looks sleek, you can control it with your smartphone, it’s plugged in to the web and it saves energy. Oh yeah, it programs itself.

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Woman loses court case due to Facebook posts

A woman in San Francisco has lost a court case thanks to some rather unfortunate posts on Facebook.

This all relates to a case out of California where a man was accused of beating up a woman – who he also forced into prostitution. All allegations, of course.

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'AC/DC' virus hits Iran’s nuclear plants

A computer virus has hit computers that control Iran’s nuclear plants – and they’re playing a tune that likely has local experts ‘Thunderstruck.’

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Apple to hang out with hackers – is the end near?

Once a year for the past 15 years, hackers get together in Las Vegas for the Black Hat conference. They gamble, have a good time but mostly talk about how they hacked – for the most part – Windows computers.

Some major tech companies, eager to see how their software holds up to hackers, show up for the insight. Apple – once considered immune to such malicious activity – was always a no show.

But for the first time ever, Apple is deciding to join the party.

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Who cares about a la carte TV now?

The CRTC has just agreed rules that will give Canadian TV viewers more freedom to choose the channels they want to pay for - but will it be enough to stop people migrating away from TV to Internet-based viewing?

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Robot catches lazy peoples' trash

Summer is upon us, and true to form I am doing naff all to get fit and improve my physique. In fact, my physical exercise stops at the occasional pilgrimage to the fridge and back for a beer, punctuated by the occasional handful of nachos. Don't judge me - my love handles and I like it that way, which is why I was particularly interested in the latest invention from the geekosphere: a trash can that moves to catch your garbage.

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Facebook testing out sponsored search results

The world’s largest social network appears to be sneaking sponsors into its search results, as it tests out new ways to make more money.

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iPhone stun guns: A different kind of communication

The most innovative iPhone cases I've seen so far have stored reserve power, but now, someone has designed a case to let a whole bunch of electricity go - all at once, in the direction of a single person. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Yellow Jacket

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