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June 2012


Violent weather storm brings down Instagram

A popular photo-sharing network has been brought down by a nasty storm that tore through Virginia Friday night.

Instagram went down on Friday after intense weather swept through part of North Virginia, knocking out power to several cloud servers operated by Amazon.

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Politician wants to stop stolen cellphones from being used

An NDP politician is pitching the idea of a national stolen cellphone registry to cut down on theft.

Mike Sullivan, MP for York South-Weston, wants our national regulator to track stolen phones. He’s calling for the CRTC to create a registry, which would contain the unique identification codes of any phone reported stolen in the country.

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Back to the Future hoax fools Internet

Did you get taken in by the 'Back to the Future' hoax yesterday? A picture circulated on Facebook and Twitter purported to show a shot from the sequel to the 1985 movie. The picture was of the console from the time travelling Delorean vehicle that Marty McFly used to travel from 1985. The console shows the destination date June 27 2012. 

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Google needs focus if it wants to own tablet market

AsusNexu7Google has launched its newest tablet in another attempt to grab a bigger chunk of the tablet market. The specs are respectable and so is the software. But it might need to do more than just come out with its own devices to own the tablet space.

When people say they want an iPad, they want an iPad. I’m not sure everyone will say that about the Google Nexus 7.

There are hundreds of other tablets out there on the market – but none have been able to really crack into Apple’s ironclad hold on the tablet market. This one could, however.

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Google TV lands in Canada with sleek package

NSZ-GS7_B_UCL_ST-1200We’re finally getting Google TV here in Canada with the arrival of the Sony Internet Player later this summer.

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Why did Twitter go down this week?

If, like many of us Twitter addicts out there, you were gasping for air during a service outage, Twitter has posted an update that seeks to explain what happened.

The social network suffered a major outage early Thursday afternoon, prompting many to wonder what had happened to Twitter – and what to do instead.

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And the most ‘social’ place in Canada is...

Fb_social_spacesFacebook has unveiled a list of the most social places in the world, where users ‘Check In’ to tell others where they are - and Canada made the list with an iconic sporting venue.

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Will Microsoft Surface rule the living room?

Microsoft is late to the party with its new tablet device. Can it trounce the iPad?

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Coming soon: retailers to track you in stores using Wi-Fi

Wireless companies are pitching ways to track your moves inside stores and other public areas using Wi-Fi signals coming from your phone, a report suggests.

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Gift picks for Father’s Day

Looking for a gift for dad this Father's Day? Here are a couple of options.

Edifier Luna 5 Encore iPod dock

This speaker system is easily one of the most stylish audio docks for dad.

With a dock that accepts iPhones and iPods, the device also comes with an aux in cable for playing tunes from non-Apple devices, and an FM radio with several slots for presets.

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Danny BradburyDanny Bradbury

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