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May 2012


Windows 8 Release Preview ready for download

Microsoft has pulled back the curtains to reveal the latest version of its next operating system, Windows 8, by with the unveiling of the Release Preview version.

Available June 2, the free copy of Windows 8 Release Preview is pretty much as close as you’ll get to the real thing, the next milestone operating system, before it is officially released later this year. Actually, that’s likely in the fall.

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Review: HTC One X hits the spot

Htconex-MoreViews-3553HTC has launched the new One X, its slickest Android-based smartphone yet. So what features make it so great?

For starters, the phone is super thin, measuring in at 8.9 millimetres.The display is a goregous 4.7-inch screen that's viewable even onsun-drenched patios.

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Facebook to launch its own smartphones?

The idea isn't entirely new, but a fresh report suggests Facebook is looking to develop its own line of smartphones.

According to several sources who spoke anonymously to the New York Times, the social networking giant is hoping to release a handset by next year. 

Facebook has been previously linked with HTC, a popular cellphone manufacturer, to create a "Facebook phone" codenamed Buffy. So far, nothing has come from that partnership. 

But this new report, however, claims that Facebook is hiring the best minds it can to build its own phone. This includes hardware and software engineers who had a hand in the iPhone, as well as one who was behind the iPad. 

While there are no formal job postings for these gigs (talent is being scouted rather than solicited), several signs point to a major push for a Facebook phone. They already have the ecosystem - the social platform itself, along with apps. 

It's possible that this is Facebook's mobile strategy, a seemingly disorganized plan I lamented about last week. Why else would Facebook buy Instagram for $1 billion?

Heck, Mark Zuckerberg and co. could probably buy a smartphone company with all the money they raised from going public. But if an app was worth $1 billion to them, any beleaguered company looking for a lifeline (ie. RIM) might expect a little more cash.

It's tough to see a Facebook phone making a dent on Apple and Android, but executed right, Facebook could succeed in mobile.

- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets


Leap Motion brings Minority Report interface to life

We've had air kissing, air hugs, and air guitar. Now, Leap Motion is bringing us air mice. The company is planning a product that lets you control your computer by gesturing in thin air, without a  mouse, presumably to the joy of circus mimes everywhere.

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Facebook launches Instagram copycat app

Facebook_camera2The world’s largest social network has rolled out a photo app just like Instagram, just a few weeks after it bought the company for $1 billion.

Facebook Camera lets users snap photos, and then apply neat effects to make pictures look vintage and artistic.

Obviously the next step is to tag friends and then upload the photos to Facebook. Users can also check a stream of their friends’ latest photos by swiping up and down.

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Microsoft Office for iOS, Android coming in November: report

A new report suggests Microsoft may have a version of its popular MS Office in the works for the iPad and Android tablets.

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Teen suspended for fake suicide Facebook page, video

A New York high school student has been suspended after she created a Facebook page and posted a video meant to have been created by a girl who committed suicide.

The teen claims she made the video for a school project about bullying, but school officials didn’t take her excuse and temporarily booted her from classes for five days.

The video and page was about a fake 12-year-old girl. The fictitious character lost her mom at the age of three, has an abusive dad and no friends (the last one moved away).  

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Nokia back in the groove again with Lumia 900 smartphone

20120410_C4102_PHOTO_EN_12064Down but not out, Nokia is back with a serious contender in the smartphone world, the Lumia 900. But does the cellphone giant still know what it takes to make a solid handset?

The Lumia 900 appears to be the Mercedes-Benz of Window Phone 7 units. Its black unibody design doesn’t just look like no other handset out there, but it feels tank-tough.

Its symmetric body is gorgeous and stands out from the crowd. It also feels solid and durable - I’m almost tempted to drop this thing on concrete to see how little damage it would suffer.

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Should users profit from Facebook's IPO?

So, who made money from Facebook shares? Certainly not the people that bought them, following the company's first day of trading. Young CEO Mark Zuckerberg listed the company on the NASDAQ stock exchange today, instantly creating a whole bunch of new millionaires–and also earning the banks some significant profits too.

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Pirate Bay under attack - but who did it?

The world of illegal bit torrent file sharing took a hit this week and file sharers and sites came under direct attack. The Pirate Bay – one of the biggest directories of bit torrent files – suffered an hacking attack that bought it down for 24 hours.

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Danny BradburyDanny Bradbury

Danny Bradbury is a technology journalist with 20 years' experience. He writes regularly for publications including the Guardian, the Financial Times, the Financial Post, and Backbone magazine. Danny also writes and directs documentaries.

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