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Canadians pick mobile gadgets over TV, coffee: poll

Which item would you give up for a day instead of your mobile phone? TV, coffee/tea or your car?

According to the results of a new poll, 53 per cent of Canadians would ditch TV, coffee, food/sleep or even family time instead of losing their mobile device for one day.

The survey, conducted by RBC, asked participants if they would give something up rather than their handheld gadget – most likely a smartphone or tablet.

Here’s how the numbes broke down (in terms of what they would give up):

  1. TV (19 per cent)
  2. Coffee/tea (19 per cent)           
  3. Internet (19 per cent)
  4. Car (5 per cent)
  5. Food/sleep (3 per cent)
  6. Time with friends and family (2 per cent)

It’s unclear if “Internet” is even a legitimate response, judging by how important a web connection is to mobile devices. Without a link to the net, a smartphone or tablet is about as useful music is to the deaf.

But Internet aside, more than half of the respondents appear to be quite addicted to mobile gadgets.

Coffee and tea, however, is one of those addictions many appear willing to give up in order to email and game from the palm of their hands. And, as RBC sees it, the trend is to do your online banking with a handset as well.

These days, with people of all ages learning to send text messages and fire off an email with their thumbs, time with friends and family is easily substituted with quick updates via a smartphone.

But it’s true – we’re increasingly addicted to our mobile gadgets as they become powerful enough to replace our laptops, or clever enough to replace our wallets.

What would say is more important than a smartphone?

- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets




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