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Internet speeds just peachy, says traffic throttling Canadian telco

How fast is your Internet connection? According to a report released today, Canada's Internet connectivity is among the fastest and cheapest in the world. There's just one problem: the report was sponsored by Canada's biggest telco.

Rogers sponsored the report, reduced by Lemay Yates Associates of Montréal. It surveyed 52 million end user speed tests, according to Lemay Yates, which produces reports on telecommunications in Canada for a variety of clients. It also measured six key broadband Internet metrics such as cost and performance, along with household broadband adoption.

According to the report, Canada's broadband Internet performance is in the top half of all countries, with an average 11.5 Mb per second download speed. That beats France and the UK, Lemay Yates said.

It also said that Canadian broadband Internet monthly subscription fees are the seventh least expensive out of 32 countries. And it ranks us 12th in the average cost of downstream speed on a Megabit per second basis.

The problem is that well respected organisations to monitor Internet speeds and costs disagree with Lemay Yates' findings. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said in a July report that Canada was the seventh most expensive.

The difference in results is down to the way that the two organisations measure things says Lemay Yates Associates.

Of course, such things are particularly difficult to measure in Canada, given some telcos' tendency to throttle back traffic that they don't like. Rogers has been found to have slowed down Internet traffic related to particular services such as Bittorrent. And this month, the CRTC chastised it after evidence arose that Rogers is also throttling non-BitTorrent traffic, such as online games. So, even though LeMay Yates claims to be monitoring traffic using actual speed tests, one has to wonder what traffic it is monitoring?

Which report do you believe? The OECD one, or the one sponsored by the traffic-throttling Rogers? Are you happy with your broadband speed? And are you happy with the price?

Danny Bradbury, MSN Tech & Gadgets




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