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Website helps you see how much your home - and your neighbour’s - is worth

Our friends to the south in the U.S. have long been able to go online, pop in a street address and find out how much a property is worth.

Here in Canada, we’ve looked on with jealously while browsing real estate listings with the archaic and cumbersome MLS.ca.
Finally, things have changed now that the Competition Commissioner decided to ask the group behind Canadian realtors to get with the times.

A new site is now allowing Canadians the ability to enter in an address, specify the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage and lot size - and find out the property’s estimated value.
It’s called Zoopraisal (from Zoocasa.com). The American equivalent is called Zillow.com
As the Globe reports, this is the latest blow for real estate agents which previously had a healthy command on property transactions.

The new, free, appraisal tool is giving homeowners (and buyers) their cake - and the chance to eat it too.

As you can imagine, real estate agents are not jumping for joy (although they can advertise on Zoopraisal).

According to this report, some part time agents or those running discount operations will have to change their game plans.

Some agents say there’s no subsitue for paying a real agent to come through a home and give a proper appraisal.

And you know what? They might have a point. A website can’t walk inside a house and notice upgraded hardwoods, granite countertops or a leaky basement.

But if you’re trying to get a ballpark estimate, the new Zoopraisal tool from Zoocasa should do the trick.

What websites do you use when looking to buy/sell a home?

- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets




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