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What does “I’m X weeks and craving...” mean in status updates?

There’s nothing more annoying on Facebook than getting multiple Farmville requests...and friends posting cryptic messages.

My attention was particularly piqued when several of my female friends began posting status updates such as “I’m 10 weeks and craving smarties.” Were they all having pregnant woman cravings at once?

So, I put my detective’s hat on and dug around for the meaning behind these confusing (and sometimes alarming) status updates.

Vague Facebook posts can seem annoying, especially when they’re calling out for attention (except the nature of the update doesn’t really explain what it’s about).

Posts such as “Today can’t get any worse” or “So happy with this past week’s events” prompt a plethora of follow-up comments to inquire for more info. With posts like that, they should just start writing promo scripts for the six o’clock news. "Coming up, why this woman is losing her home..."

As it turns out, these posts with pregnant-esque cravings, such as “I’m 10 weeks and craving meatballs,” have noting to do with my Facebook friends actually being pregnant.

Instead, it’s another one of those cryptic breast cancer awareness campaigns.

The current campaign employs a complex formula that includes the birth month and birth date of the poster. The formula is posted here, if you wish to follow along.

It’s not the first time cryptic Facebook status updates coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is in October.

In previous years, women were posting status updates saying ‘where they like it’ (where they like their purse), or they would post a colour (which would be the colour of their bra).

The aim with these campaigns is that curiosity builds – and then the secret/cause is finally revealed.

 Do you think the latest Facebook campaign is effective? Or is it all just getting silly now?

- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets




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